Guide: Establishing a Sole Proprietorship in Las Vegas

Thinking of establishing a sole proprietorship in Las Vegas?

First, let us define what sole proprietorship is. A Sole Proprietorship is the most common type of business entity. It is easy to set up and the owner has full control of anything that happens in the business. The owner is fully responsible for all of the legal and financial responsibilities of the business. Moreover, personal assets may be taken for the company’s obligations.

This structure allows one to have a trade name. However, it is difficult to raise capital for business because banks are hesitant to lend to sole proprietorships.

This business structure, in most cases, requires no legal documents other than a business license. It is good for testing business ideas prior to establishing a formal business.

Establishing a sole proprietorship in Las Vegas can be done without having to file any legal documents with the State Government.

Here is the complete guide in establishing a sole proprietorship in Las Vegas:

Choosing a Name for your Business

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So, you’ve laid out a plan to start your business but there’s one thing that is missing: A nice-sounding business name.

These articles might actually help in solving your problem:

File a DBA

DBA Registration doing business as form on a table.

DBA stands for “doing business as” and is done in registering a business name in Nevada. Filing for a DBA provides businesses and its owners a means to run a business using a different name, other than their legal name.

Check this article for the complete step in filing a DBA:

Obtain Required Licenses, Permits, & Zoning Clearance

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Check the following links for the specific licenses, permits or clearances that you need:

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