How to File a DBA in Nevada

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What is a DBA and How to file a dba form Nevada?

DBA stands for “doing business as” and is done in registering a business name in Nevada. To file for a DBA means that businesses and their owners are running their businesses using a different name, other than their legal name. Although filing for a DBA might seem like additional paperwork that one might think as unnecessary, it does offer certain benefits including:

  • Legal Protection
  • Privileges to the owners of the business
  • Public Protection

Here are the steps in filing for a DBA in Nevada.

Filing a DBA in Nevada
  1. 1
    Research Local Business Name Records

    This process aims to verify and confirm that the name you wish to use for a DBA has not been taken or registered by someone else by doing a Nevada Business Search following these steps:

    a) Go to the Nevada Secretary of State’s website
    b) Perform a Business Entity Search by providing information on any of the searchable information provided on the available field options.

    NOTE: You have an option to do a Business Search with the following options:

    • Entity Name
    • Entity Number
    • NV Business ID
    • Officer Name
    • Registered Agent Name
    • Associated Business Name

    NOTE: You may also search for a Business Entity using the advanced options provided.

  2. 2
    Obtain a Copy of the Registration Form

    • A business that intends to use a fictitious name should file the DBA in each county the business will operate using the intended name and a copy of the registration form must be obtained at the respective office of the county’s clerk.
    • You have an option to visit the county clerk’s office and you can also visit the county’s official website to obtain a copy of the registration form.
    • Should you consider processing your registration online, you may simply visit the Nevada Counties site.
  3. 3
    Fill Out the DBA Registration Form

    Given that you have obtained a copy of the “Doing Business As” registration from the office of the Nevada County Clerk, the next step is for you to complete the form by filling it out properly. Each county has its own form and though they may vary, the following information is required as a standard:

    a) Name and Address of the Business

    b) Contact Number of the Business

    c) The Fictitious Name Your Business wants to use

    d) The Address within the County where your business will operate

    Make sure to read the instructions carefully in the process of completing the forms, given that each of them slightly varies depending on the county.

    NOTE: The complete, step-by-step instructions in completing the DBA registration is on the second page of the Nevada Business Registration Form.

  4. 4
    Submit the DBA Registration Form

    • Assuming that you have completely filled the DBA Registration form out, make sure to double-check and verify that all of the information you have placed is correct to avoid any delay in processing the “Doing Business As” Nevada application.
    • Once you have taken all of the steps to complete the important details in processing your DBA registration, have the documents notarized and submit the Nevada DBA form to the office of the county clerk.
    • Note that the filing fee for each county may vary, so make sure that you check this information upon obtaining a copy of the registration form.


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