How to Apply for a Business Credit Card for Your Las Vegas Business

apply for business credit card

If you have a business, it is essential to apply for a business credit card because it allows you to separate your business expenses from your personal spending. A dedicated credit card for your business is also an excellent way to track your operational expenditures and increase your purchasing power. Plus, you can also take

Securing Funding for your Las Vegas Business

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Running a business is a daunting pursuit, and one of the challenges new companies must deal with is obtaining funding amid the business ecosystem. Thankfully, Nevada ranks one of the best states for a startup, with more than 100 startups per 1,000 firm population. One of the reasons why Las Vegas businesses are successful is

What is Recordkeeping for Business?

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What is Recordkeeping? By definition, recordkeeping is a process of documenting transactions into an accounting system. It is a vital part of accounting that deals with accurate and thorough recording of finances. Essentially, recordkeeping is a record of how you are making and spending your money.  Since it deals with finances, it is an essential

How to Secure Funding For Your Business in Las Vegas

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In this article, we will talk about how to secure funding for your business in Las Vegas. Running a business is not possible without the needed resources, especially when it comes down to finances. Regardless of the business that you have in mind, securing the funds to run a business is an integral part of

How to Maintain Tax and Financial Records

How do you maintain tax and financial records? Companies employ the skills of a CPA’s or an attorney for 2 important reasons: To know your company’s financial standing and To ensure its compliance in meeting financial obligations towards the local, city, state, and federal taxing authorities The financial status of a business is a major

How to Draft a Stock Subscription Agreement

BizGuide How to Draft a Stock Subscription Agreement

A stock subscription agreement is a legal document in the form of a contract. It is also known as a “share purchase agreement”. This is between two (2) parties for the transfer of ownership or sale of stock in a company. Oftentimes, companies issue shares to sell to a buyer and the agreement provides details

How to Issue Stocks

What is a stock? How to issue stocks, you ask? First, let us define what it means. A “stock” refers to the funds raised by the company as capital to start operating the business. A “share” pertains to a single unit of company stock. Why issue stocks? Corporations issue stocks for the purpose of raising