How to Secure Funding For Your Business in Las Vegas

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In this article, we will talk about how to secure funding for your business in Las Vegas.

Running a business is not possible without the needed resources, especially when it comes down to finances. Regardless of the business that you have in mind, securing the funds to run a business is an integral part of starting, running, and continuing company operations.

In order to secure funding for your business, one has to understand the importance of certain key elements that include, the organizational structure and the business plan.

The organizational structure of your business plays an important role in sourcing funds. For example, it is easier to secure a loan for a business that is established as a Partnership, an LLC or a Corporation compared to a Sole-Proprietorship. On the other hand, having a well-written and detailed business plan can be used as a business portfolio in processing a loan to your advantage and in the same way, it can also function as a business profile in attracting investors.


Here are several options you can choose to secure funding for your business

  1. 1

    If you have been prudent by saving up for your business, spending money from your own pocket is a good way to start. Aside from your own personal savings account, you can tap from your nest egg, given that you qualify by meeting the required criteria and roll over funds from your 401(k).

    Click on the link to find more information on how to tap from your IRA or 401(k) in funding your business.

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    Borrowing Money or Getting a Loan for Business

    There are different means of sourcing funds for your business by securing a loan. Some of the available options that you can choose from are the following:

    • A loan from a Bank or a Lending Institution
    • Credit Card
    • Crowdfunding
    • Factoring
    • Trade Future Earnings
  3. 3
    Equity Financing

    Equity Financing is a method of acquiring funds as capital for your business through an investor in exchange for company shares depending on your agreement on issuing stocks, which will be determined in your initial board meeting when talking about the details. The following are some of the known equity financing options that you choose from:

    • Friends and Family
    • Angel Investors
    • Mezzanine Financing
    • Venture Capital
    • Royalty Financing
    • SBA Loan

    Small Business Administration Loans (SBA) offers the longest payment terms with the most competitive rates but the process is stringent and could take from 45 to 90 days with the possibility of your request being delayed. In addition, getting approval for a startup business is difficult compared to buying an existing business.

    To find more information regarding this option, click the link for SBA Loans

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