How to start a food delivery business in Las Vegas

bizguide how to start a food delivery business in las vegas

Starting your own food delivery business in Las Vegas might be the best means for earning and making profits.

Food, among other basic necessities, is an ever-growing industry with such a huge potential for growth especially in a densely populated area like Las Vegas. As you might have already known, Nevada is the best place to start your business where the top entrepreneurs of the country including Elon Musk, Mike Moradian, and Tony Hsieh chose to incorporate their business due to the following facts:

  • Nevada is the best place to start your business as it offers a huge upside potential with a lot of tax breaks and advantages.
  • Nevada’s provides easy access to your local and state government officials.
  • The State of Nevada and its officials are committed to economic development. It has a dedicated support system and infrastructure set in place for businesses that are starting up.

Starting a business that caters to the need for healthy and nutritious food in a fast-paced environment with unlimited possibilities sounds more than just a good idea.

Starting Your Food Delivery Business
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    Any type of successful business offering a product or a service is a result of a well-planned and organized process which involves the following non-negotiable steps:


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    Decide Your Niche Market

    You can’t be a Jack-of-all-trades or else, you’ll be a master-of-none. The same principle applies in business by choosing your niche to target a specific market. Think about your potential clients and the types of restaurants in the area. In figuring out your niche market, consider the answer to the following questions:

    • What variety of food is available in the area?
    • Would you consider selling to people of low or mid-income level? Or would you rather serve customers in upscale residences?
    • What type of dishes would you like to sell, that majority of the people in the area you wish to serve would choose to have?
  2. 2
    Map Out Your Delivery Route

    Choose to serve in an area that you can guarantee the delivery of food orders within a specific time-frame by mapping out your delivery route. Make sure that it is in close proximity within your delivery headquarters and consider the following questions:

    • Is your delivery headquarters strategically set at a convenient location to pick up orders?
    • Can you guarantee the delivery of orders for your customers within 15 to 30 minutes?
    • Would you focus on densely populated areas and serve food to business professionals?
  3. 3
    Discuss Partnership with Restaurant Managers

    Select 2 or 3 restaurants within your area which offer menu or dishes that appeals to your niche market. Setup a meeting with the manager or the business owner and offer a value proposition that will increase their profit for a mutual benefit based on your agreement concerning:

    • Commission for the number of delivered orders
    • Delivery Fee
  4. 4
    Choose a Strategic Location

    Covering a certain area and ensuring fast and efficient delivery of orders is an important factor in choosing a strategic location for your headquarters.

    Initially, this could be your garage or a viable space in your apartment but as your business grows, consider having a storefront or renting an office.

    Your location should be included in marketing your business as this gives you credibility, especially when it is placed on your website or when you register your business on Google.

  5. 5
    Employ Food Runners

    Having a fast and efficient means of delivering customers orders, regardless of your ideal location would be for naught without people in your workforce to deliver the goods. Employing food runners are an essential component of your delivery business and you have to make sure that you do the following::

    • Interview and Evaluate your applicants
    • Conduct a background check on each of your food runners
    • Make sure they have a legal driver’s license

    You may click on the link to find out more information on, “How to hire employees in Las Vegas

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    Create Your Website

    Having a website is an essential part of establishing a business for the following reasons:

    • Establishes Your Brand and Credibility
    • Serves as Business Portfolio/Profile
    • Functions as a customer-relationship management (CRM) tool

    Click on the link to know more about, “How to Create a Website for Your Business

    NOTE: Take advantage of different social media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes to establish online presence aside from registering your business on Google.

  2. 2
    Create a Mobile App for Your Delivery Business

    Design your mobile app with the same functionality as your website in line with the purposes of having a CRM. Nowadays, having an application is a common practice that it has become a standard due to the value that it brings in one’s business. Make sure that your application would have the following functions/capability:

    • Should be compatible with Apple or Android System
    • Can process orders and facilitate payments
    • Functions as a customer-relationship management (CRM) tool
  3. 3
    Streamline Your Business Process

    Establish a workflow or a system that would serve as a standard in running your delivery business. This will set clear and defined roles for your employees and improve productivity.

    For example:

    • STEP 1 – Customer places an Order via Website/Mobile App
    • STEP 2 – Personnel calls the customer to confirm the order and provide a reference number
    • STEP 3 – Food is prepared for delivery by the runner

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