Contents Of An Employee Handbook For Your Las Vegas Business

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The State of Nevada follows an “employment-at-will” practice. This practice means that an employer can terminate the employment relationship unless the two parties have an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement. However, Nevada courts have, in the past, used provisions stated in an employee handbook to stand as an employment contract. Given this, it is of

What are Plan Documents and Why You Should Have Them

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By definition, a plan document is a written tool that includes the establishment and operation of plans. For businesses, it may be an employee benefits insurance plan that details all of the provisions of the insurance. It is a legal statement that contains a description of the benefits that employers must provide for their employees. 

How to Create a Compensation Plan for your Las Vegas Business

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Attracting the right person for the job is crucial for any business. For you to achieve this, you must create a compensation plan for your Las Vegas business. This compensation plan must reflect on how you value your employees by including the salary, bonuses, incentives, and commissions that employees can receive by working for you. 

What is Recordkeeping for Business?

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What is Recordkeeping? By definition, recordkeeping is a process of documenting transactions into an accounting system. It is a vital part of accounting that deals with accurate and thorough recording of finances. Essentially, recordkeeping is a record of how you are making and spending your money.  Since it deals with finances, it is an essential

How to Apply for a Nevada Business License By Mail

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Business owners highly consider establishing their companies in Nevada because the state does not have a personal income tax. Majority of Nevada businesses require a license to operate. In general, this includes a State Business License (SBL) from the Nevada Secretary of State (SOS). When you have a small business, you have to renew this

Different Types of Payroll Tax Reports You Should Know

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Starting a business can be overwhelming, mainly if it is your first time doing so. One of the responsibilities of a business owner is withholding an employee’s compensation and paying contributions to Social Security and Medicare taxes as mandated in the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA).  What is the FICA Tax? FICA taxes mandate payroll

Employee Paperwork Checklist For Your Las Vegas Business

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The employee paperwork checklist refers to the forms and other related documents that each employee of a business or a company in Las Vegas has to complete. It must be completed before employees receive their first paycheck All employed individuals in adherence to the state and federal laws must complete and submit this paperwork. As

Getting A City License For Your Las Vegas Business

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Starting a business means getting tons of paperwork done. One of the most important documents that you have to deal with is the city license. Some business owners choose to skip getting one they see their business take off. However, you should know that without it, your business cannot legally operate.  Why Getting a City