Writing a Business Partnership Agreement for Your Las Vegas Business

A business partnership can be successful if the people involved have a clear understanding of the business, their roles and duties, and what they can expect from the partnership. While most partnerships are often between two like-minded individuals, the extent of their relationship must be in writing in the form of a business partnership agreement. 

Different Types of Labor Law Posters for Your Las Vegas Business

Labor law posters are mandatory. They are employment law notices that all employers with at least one employee must conspicuously post in an area most frequented by employees. They can either be placed in break rooms or the employee lounge. Failure to display accurate state and employment law notices can result in hefty fines, penalties,

Getting a City License for Your Las Vegas Business

Starting a business means getting tons of paperwork done. One of the most important documents that you have to deal with is the city license. Some business owners choose to skip getting one they see their business take off. However, you should know that without it, your business cannot legally operate.  Why Getting a City

How to Get Certified for Business in Nevada

What does it mean to have a Nevada business certificate?  It means that an authorized organization or a regulating body that has an authority to define standards for businesses to comply has issued a certificate. This certificate acts as an acknowledgment for the public to know that a particular business has met and complied with