How to Renew a Business License in Nevada

How to renew a business license in Nevada? You have to know some important information first. The Certificate of Registration for your business must be renewed annually as it is only valid for a year and it is incumbent upon you to renew in reference to NRS 240A.110 by submitting an online application of your

How to Draft a Stock Subscription Agreement

BizGuide How to Draft a Stock Subscription Agreement

A stock subscription agreement is a legal document in the form of a contract. It is also known as a “share purchase agreement”. This is between two (2) parties for the transfer of ownership or sale of stock in a company. Oftentimes, companies issue shares to sell to a buyer and the agreement provides details

What Information Must Be Included In Corporate Bylaws

Corporate Bylaws are legal documents Corporate bylaws are set in place to establish how a business or an organization operates. It specifies the following: ownership rights of shareholders procedures in selecting, establishing, and removal of the board of directors and officers planning of annual meetings and issuance of corporate stocks Other names This legal document

How to Create a Company Records Book

Creating a company records book is an important task in maintaining the company’s overall function. The corporate records book is a supporting document that proves the company is a separate entity from its owners. It offers protection from personal liability against the company’s obligation, acts, and debt. Here are the sections of a Corporate Records

How to Get Certified for Business in Nevada

BizGuide - Get your business certified in Nevada

What does it mean to get certified to start a business in the State of Nevada? It means that an authorized organization or a regulating body that has an authority to define standards for businesses to comply has issued a certificate. This certificate acts as an acknowledgment for the public to know that a particular