Know the Common Accounting Mistakes Small Las Vegas Businesses Make

common accounting mistakes

The availability of a wide range of accounting applications for small and medium-sized businesses have made managing a company much easier. Accounting tools helped business owners to keep an accurate record of where the finances are spent. However, not all of these tools are perfect. In fact, a host of them has made accounting mistakes,

What is Recordkeeping for Business?

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What is Recordkeeping? By definition, recordkeeping is a process of documenting transactions into an accounting system. It is a vital part of accounting that deals with accurate and thorough recording of finances. Essentially, recordkeeping is a record of how you are making and spending your money.  Since it deals with finances, it is an essential

How to Maintain Tax and Financial Records

How do you maintain tax and financial records? Companies employ the skills of a CPA’s or an attorney for 2 important reasons: To know your company’s financial standing and To ensure its compliance in meeting financial obligations towards the local, city, state, and federal taxing authorities The financial status of a business is a major

How to Issue Stocks

What is a stock? How to issue stocks, you ask? First, let us define what it means. A “stock” refers to the funds raised by the company as capital to start operating the business. A “share” pertains to a single unit of company stock. Why issue stocks? Corporations issue stocks for the purpose of raising

Processing Tax Registrations in the State of Nevada

Coffee, calculator, pen, documents on the table and form that says tax withholding and estimated tax.

Nevada Tax Registration Processing tax registrations in Nevada is one of the legal requirements that are necessary to establish and operate a business. This is done through the IRS and the Nevada Department of Taxation. Let’s Review In the previous topics, we covered the process of registering with the Nevada Department of Taxation via SilverFlume