What To Expect When Getting Into a Cannabis Business in Las Vegas

  As of July 1, 2017, cannabis can officially be purchased legally in Las Vegas. Though the road towards the legalization of recreational marijuana was not that smooth, it was eventually made final, which was a move to increase possible tax revenue from the said drug. Las Vegas, with estimated annual visitors of 45 million

10 Things New Entrepreneurs in Las Vegas Should Know

Las Vegas may be famous for the strip. Many films and pop culture depict the city as a place where people go to gamble, get drunk, and party all night. While it is true for Las Vegas, it often overshadows the real glitter of Las Vegas, particularly for startups.  Unknown to many, Nevada consistently ranks

Why Start a Real Estate Business in Las Vegas

Are you thinking about starting a business in Las Vegas? If yes, you might want to start a real estate business. Las Vegas is a beautiful city to live and do business in. While it was not bulletproof from economic failure like the Great Recession of 2008, it was one of the cities that have

Top 10 Tech-Related Businesses You Can Start in Las Vegas

In this modern age, those who have in-depth knowledge of technology get the best platform to showcase their skills. Just take a look at all the startup businesses that are mushrooming nowadays. Most of them are introducing techs that were thought to be impossible before.  Las Vegas is rapidly becoming an ideal city to start

Choosing the Concept and Brand of Your Las Vegas Restaurant

What is a Restaurant Concept? Your restaurant concept is the overall theme or idea that defines your restaurant. It serves as the foundation of your brand and provides guidance as you build a competitive and impactful business. A restaurant concept covers your type of cuisine, menu, service style, decor, and ambiance. Why is a Restaurant

Employee Paperwork Checklist For Your Las Vegas Business

The employee paperwork checklist refers to the forms and other related documents that each employee of a business or a company in Las Vegas has to complete. It must be completed before employees receive their first paycheck All employed individuals in adherence to the state and federal laws must complete and submit this paperwork. As

Getting a City License for Your Las Vegas Business

Starting a business means getting tons of paperwork done. One of the most important documents that you have to deal with is the city license. Some business owners choose to skip getting one they see their business take off. However, you should know that without it, your business cannot legally operate.  Why Getting a City