Top 10 Tech-Related Businesses You Can Start in Las Vegas

In this modern age, those who have in-depth knowledge of technology get the best platform to showcase their skills. Just take a look at all the startup businesses that are mushrooming nowadays. Most of them are introducing techs that were thought to be impossible before. 

Las Vegas is rapidly becoming an ideal city to start tech-related businesses. Las Vegas is home to some of the best tech startups, including Influential, NS8, Prime Trust, and Emprove, Inc. In fact, LinkedIn’s February 2018 Workforce Report mentioned that Las Vegas might soon become the next tech hub in the U.S. since as much as 44% of LinkedIn members moved in the city fuelled by increasing demand for tech skills. The same report noted that Nevada’s good weather, fast-growing local economy, low cost of living, and absence of state tax all contribute to the success of Las Vegas as a tech destination. 

If you don’t have yet a disruptive idea that will change the tech industry, you can still ride on this growing business by exploiting what these tech businesses need by offering them what you already have – tech skills and knowledge. 

Here are the top 10 tech-related businesses you can start in Las Vegas

Computer Repair and Maintenance

If you have a solid technical background and a deep understanding of computers and their functions, then it would be easy for you to start a small business of computer repair and maintenance. If you are knowledgeable on all platforms, the better. You can also increase your income by selling monitors, hard drives, and other necessary computer-related accessories. 

Computer Training

Tech-savvy individuals will do well by offering their services to these startups by training their employees about computer hardware, software, and other computing skills that will contribute to their business operations. 

Blog Consultation

If you know how to build a blog, you can start a blog consultation firm. Most of these startups would need to market and advertise their products and services, and you can lend them your skills by helping them set up their blogs. If you have built a network from previous jobs, you can also outsource writing and other blog projects to a third party and earn a profit by managing their tasks. 

Data Entry Businesses

You can start a data entry business for these tech startups. Since it is often cheaper to outsource these jobs than hiring regular employees, tech startups often secure the services of third-party data entry businesses, and this is where you come in. 

Starting a data entry business is lucrative since almost all industries require them since record-keeping is necessary for companies. It will give you a wider pool of companies to cater to, not just tech startups. 

eBay Consultation

eBay remains as one of the top online buying and selling platforms today. If you are proficient in how eBay works, you can use this knowledge to teach others how to make a profit using the platform. 

Internet Research Services

Do you have an eye for searching the Internet? If yes, then you can use this to start an Internet research business. Most startups need to stay on top of their industry. To do this, they need to access massive amounts of online information. Often, they don’t have time to do the tedious work of scouring the Internet for what they need, and this is what you can exploit. 

Information Technology (IT) Support

Often, tech startups don’t have the budget to hire a full-time technical support team. If you have robust IT knowledge, you can lend your services, not only to one company but to a host of tech-related businesses in Las Vegas. You can help these companies set up their networks, backup or recover their data, and even assist in software installation and management. You can also offer threat intelligence support and cybersecurity monitoring. 

Social Media Consultation

Most tech startups use the power of social media to advertise their products and services. Over the years, it has become a powerful tool for small businesses. If your expertise is in this field, then you can make a good profit by helping these tech businesses improve their social media presence. 

Video Production

Another widely used mode of promoting goods and services is through video marketing. If you are adept at taking raw video footage and editing them to create an exceptional video, then you can start a video production business in Las Vegas. 

Web Design 

If you have a knack for designing websites, then a web design business is a profitable small business you can start in Las Vegas, particularly now that a number of tech startups are looking at launching their websites. You can offer to create a web design that will echo their brand and vision. 

With the influx of tech businesses in Las Vegas, it is best to come up with a company that will provide services to the sector because it is currently booming, and it will continue to do for the years to come. It’s best to start your business now, perfect it, and reap its benefits. 


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