Different Types of Labor Law Posters for Your Las Vegas Business

Labor law posters are mandatory. They are employment law notices that all employers with at least one employee must conspicuously post in an area most frequented by employees. They can either be placed in break rooms or the employee lounge. Failure to display accurate state and employment law notices can result in hefty fines, penalties,

Best Place to Post Job Openings for Your Las Vegas Business

Selecting the best place to post your job openings in Las Vegas will help you fill your job vacancies faster. Don’t limit yourself to posting on one platform to widen your reach. Here are 15 best places to post job openings for your Las Vegas business: 1. LinkedIn With over 645 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is

Contents Of An Employee Handbook For Your Las Vegas Business

The State of Nevada follows an “employment-at-will” practice. This practice means that an employer can terminate the employment relationship unless the two parties have an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement. However, Nevada courts have, in the past, used provisions stated in an employee handbook to stand as an employment contract. Given this, it is of

What Are Plan Documents and Why You Should Have Them

By definition, a plan document is a written tool that includes the establishment and operation of plans. For businesses, it may be an employee benefits insurance plan that details all of the provisions of the insurance. It is a legal statement that contains a description of the benefits that employers must provide for their employees. 

Choosing the Best Payroll Period For Your Las Vegas Business

Businesses, regardless of their size, have to consider the best payroll period for their company and their employees. The U.S. has state laws that mandate a minimum pay period. In Nevada, employers must pay their employees semi-monthly or monthly. To choose the best payroll period for your Las Vegas business, it is important first to

Employee Paperwork Checklist For Your Las Vegas Business

The employee paperwork checklist refers to the forms and other related documents that each employee of a business or a company in Las Vegas has to complete. It must be completed before employees receive their first paycheck All employed individuals in adherence to the state and federal laws must complete and submit this paperwork. As

Hiring an Independent Contractor vs Employee for Your Las Vegas Business

Thinking if you should hire independent contractors or employees for your business? Defining the needs of the business is a crucial factor that entrepreneurs must deal with. One of these needs is the types of workers they would want to contribute to their business. Knowing when to hire an independent contractor versus an employee for

What Is A 401(k)?

Setting Up a 401(K) plan for your business is not mandatory. However, it may soon be approved by the IRS with the premise that employers provide congruous notice to employees with an option to “opt-out” of mandatory pre-tax contributions. While some employers question the importance of offering a retirement plan for their workers, a recent

Obtaining a Nevada Workers Compensation Insurance

The workers’ compensation insurance is a requirement for companies and business owners in Nevada. This is to ensure that you provide a range of benefits to injured employees and those who are ill, as a result of doing their job. What You Need To Know   The Division of Industrial Relations Workers’ Compensation Section (DIR/WCS) ensures