Here’s a step-by-step guide on creating a Twitter account for your Las Vegas Business:
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    Step 1: Visit and Sign Up

    When creating your Twitter account, make sure you use your business name and email. Note that Twitter will allow only one account per email address. So, if you have an existing personal account, you would have to use your business email. A business email is much more advisable if you want your account to build up its credibility. 

    Upon sign up, you have to choose a Twitter username. Your @name can have 15 characters and should be something that will help people easily find your business. Remember, you can change your name as you please, but your @name will be permanent. 

    Once you have chosen a Twitter name, click Create Account.

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    Step 2: Choose a Profile Photo and Header Image

    Twitter will ask you to upload a photo. Choose the one that represents your brand. It would be best to upload your company logo so it would be easy for your customers to associate it with your brand. Aside from boosting brand recognition, a logo is a useful tool for encouraging brand loyalty. It is something that your customers can hold on to, physically and mentally, if they follow your business.

    It will also be worthwhile to know that your profile photo is not only present on your profile page. It will also appear in every single tweet you will post. 

    When choosing a photo for your header, think of something that will act as an advertising tool for your business. Use your header image as your billboard. You can incorporate event photos, featured products, promotions, product news, or anything that can attract followers to check you out. 

    Tips for Uploading a Photo: 

    • Your profile picture should be 400×400 pixels. If not, it will be resized to fit. The maximum filesize for your Twitter avatar is 700 MB.
    • The Twitter header image must be 1500×1500 pixels. On mobile, the header will follow a 2:1 aspect ratio. The maximum filesize for your Twitter avatar is 5 MB.

    Note: Twitter will only accept a JPG or PNG file.

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    Step 3: Create a Bio

    Twitter may be known for its 14-character limit for each tweet, but for the bio, you’re given 160 characters to let people know more about your business. Make sure to add a personal touch that can effectively resonate with your target audience. 

    You can use this section to let people know your location, business hours, and even a link to your website. It is best to use a unique link that allows you to track visitors generated from Twitter.

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    Step 4: Follow Other Accounts

    When creating your account, Twitter will suggest following several accounts from a selection. You may choose a few from this selection. You can also skip this step for later. 

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    Step 5: Confirm Email Address

    When you sign up with Twitter, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email. Click the link sent within the email.

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    Step 6: Customize Your Account

    If you want to harness the potential of Twitter for your small business, you would want to create an account that is consistent with your brand and existing social media marketing strategy. If you have an existing Facebook account, link it to your Twitter account, so all marketing strategies are in sync. 

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    Step 7: Apply for Account Verification

    Most small businesses skip this part, but verification is an essential step if you want to build your credibility in your online space. Remember, Twitter has millions of followers all over the world. If you have plans of expanding your Las Vegas business and attracting worldwide crowd, you should keep your sights ahead. While you can do this at a later time, it is essential to know what you must do to help prepare your account for that goal. 

    If you want your Twitter account to have that verified badge, you must ensure that you: 

    • Update your Twitter account. Make sure your information is accurate and updated. 
    • Confirm your email address.
    • Publicize your tweets. Under the Privacy and Safety menu, disable the Protect Your Tweets.
    • The profile should be in line with the business. This verification process is the reason is why you should use your logo. Make sure that everything about your business is presented in your account. 

    Once you deem that your profile is ready for verification, you may do so by filling out, Twitter’s request verification form. You must provide all supporting documents that could support your claim. You may present your business license and valid IDs to prove your identity and that you are indeed the owner of the said business. 

    Final Thoughts

    Using a Twitter account for your Las Vegas business is an effective way to communicate with your customers and clients. Twitter is an economical way of boosting your products in the online landscape. 

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