How to Promote Your Las Vegas Business on Instagram

Promoting your Las Vegas business on Instagram is one of the most profitable marketing strategies you can make. Despite being a young company, Instagram has made its name in the social media industry. Since its launch, Instagram successfully attracted 500 million daily active users. Just imagine tapping these numbers to work for your business. 

To stay on top of your industry, here are the steps on how you can promote your Nevada business on Instagram.
  1. 1
    Set Up an Instagram Account for Your Las Vegas Business

    You can sign up for an Instagram business account by linking it with your Facebook account if you have. You can also set it up using your email address or phone number. Since you are promoting your Nevada business on Instagram, it is highly advisable to associate it with a Facebook page of your business. Do not connect it with your personal Facebook account. This way, potential customers will quickly identify you. 

    • Download the Instagram app
    • Create a business account by signing up via email address
    • Find people to follow via the Facebook contact list
    • Set up a business profile by providing the required information such as profile image, location, and business description
    • Start posting content and follow other users

    Tip: Upload a professional profile image or logo of your business, so it becomes easily identifiable. Accurately describe your business.

  2. 2
    Add Relevant & Useful Content to Attract Followers

    promote your nevada business on instagram

    To do this, you must first identify your niche market. When you have this, it would be easier for you to curate your content. Publish content that has high relevance to what your business is all about. If you are posting products for sale, upload posts with proper product descriptions and pricing. Maximize your use of hashtags and links. It would be best to always include a call-to-action statement. To increase the number of followers, come up with promotional content. 

    Tip: Instagram users thrive on visual content. Keep this in mind when coming up with creative content. Upload photos that are visually appealing, but still offer quality content. Don’t forget to tag a location to increase visibility and engagement with your followers.

  3. 3
    Utilize Different Strategies to Increase Traffic

    When you have an Instagram page for your business, maximize its exposure by adopting different strategies to bring traffic. You can use SEO marketing with your posts and other website content that you may have. Another way is by increasing the visibility of your business by getting more likes through visually-appealing content. You may also strategize using popular and widely followed hashtags. Promoting your Nevada business means partnering with local influencers to make a broader market see your business.

    When posting content, timing is key. You might want to know the best times to post on Instagram to get the most engagement. One way of getting more followers is by following individuals who share the same ideals as your business. For instance, if you are promoting baby products, you might want to follow mothers with young kids. When you follow them, they will visit your page and see that you have something that you can offer them. 

    Tip: You can use iconosquare to analyze what keywords and phrases that have significance for your business. You can also search for #nevada in the platform to see the demographics of active Instagram users in your area. 

  4. 4
    Connect with Customers and Create Loyal Followers

    When you have successfully brought people to your page, make sure to convert them into loyal followers. These loyal followers should then become sources of sales. The primary purpose of creating an Instagram page for your business is to tap into even half of the 790,000 active Instagram users in Nevada. When you engage with your customers, they will know that you are proactive and reliable. This practice can effectively convert these followers into customers. 

    In Summary: 

    Promoting your Las Vegas business on Instagram entails work on your part. You have to make constant updates by posting relevant content about your business. After posting, make sure that you analyze insights (exclusive for business accounts) per post to see how much traction your posts are getting. If a particular post needs to get into a wider market, you might want to promote this post as a sponsored content. Instagram will then include your business into the timeline of those near your location. 

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