How to Promote Your Nevada Business on Faceboook

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What is Facebook?

What is Facebook and why it is important to learn how to promote your Nevada business on Facebook? For starters, Facebook belongs to the top level of the largest social media network and ranked as the number 1 social media platform compared to WhatsApp, WeChat, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+

Facebook has an active number of 2.38 billion active users on a monthly basis with 62% social media coverage that speaks volumes of its relevance and potential in reaching a large number of audience across different countries.

Interesting Facts

  • Facebook has 1.56 billion daily active users.
  • Contents being shared on the platform sums up to 4.75 billion daily.
  • The “Shares” and “Likes” are viewed in about 10 million times on a daily basis across different websites.
  • Facebook’s mobile advertising revenue is approximately 93% of the total advertising revenue for the first quarter of 2019.
  • 42 percent of the marketers state that Facebook is an important factor for business

Why Do You need to Promote Your Business on Facebook?

The facts are clear evidence of Facebook’s influence that it has created a need for businesses to include it in their marketing campaigns. Not to mention that it has the cheapest ads, high click-through rates, and the best platform in targeting a specific demographic.

With the use of Facebook advertisements, social media marketing is made easy with the guarantee of reaching a large number of audience on its platform using Facebook Ads.

How to Promote Your Nevada Business on Facebook

    Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

  1. Unlike other social media websites, creating a Facebook page for your business does not require for you to select an option between having a personal or a business account. Simply follow these steps:

    • Sign up for a Facebook account
    • Add a profile photo
    • Add a description of your business
    • Create a “username” and fill-out your “about” section of your page
  2. 2
    Create & Establish Your Brand

  3. Creating A Brand

    Establishing a brand for your business on Facebook is hinged with the idea of promoting online presence for your business. Given that your posts won’t be visible in your target customers feeds without paying for promotion, you still have to be consistent in posting engaging content. Having regular posts and interaction from your audience is a good way to establish your brand.


    Make an effort to be a figure of authority in your niche by taking the following steps:  

    • Set up a call-to-action button (CTA)
    • Add a post and pin it to top of page
    • Customize Tabs to run campaigns, contests, special offers, & capture leads using Facebook tab or page apps for business
    • Customize your settings to optimize your audience interaction.
    • Utilize Facebook Insights to understand your Facebook page’s performance with access to audience engagement and demographics. This will help you in providing content for your target audience or market.


    Add backlinks to improve your business Facebook page’s ranking on search results and build credibility by getting verified on Facebook.

  4. 3
    Connect & Engage with People

  5. Content That Appeals To Your Audience

    People gravitate toward things that are in line with their values, principles, and preferences. In a like manner, people click “like” and “share” content that appeals to their leanings. Growing your audience, increasing your followers, and create loyal subscribers will take time.

    Helpful Tips

    Here are some of the things that you can do to connect and engage with people in promoting your Nevada business on Facebook:

    • Add relevant posts to your business
    • Invite family and friends to like and share your page.
    • Join a group(s) of your target audience
    • Like and feature relevant pages to your business.
    • Promptly respond to comments and messages
    • Encourage audience participation by asking for comments & suggestions 
    • Offer rewards & incentives
  6. 4
    Utilize Facebook Paid Advertisements

  7. Traditional ways of getting the word out for your business is good but if you would like to have guaranteed results in reaching a wider audience and attract people on your site, you have to utilize Facebook Ads. To set up a paid advertisement in promoting your Nevada business on Facebook, simply follow the succeeding steps:

    • Log in on Facebook Ads Manager 
    • Select the tab for Campaign and click Create to start a Facebook ad (Be sure to choose the appropriate marketing objective based on what you intend to accomplish)
    • Name your Facebook ad campaign and set up an A/B split test.
    • Set up an ad account: select preferred currency, country, time zone & click continue
    • Choose your target audience (select the age, location, gender, and language) 
    • Select Facebook ad placements
    • Decide the amount to spend on your paid ads
    • Create your add
  8. 5
    Create a Community

  9. Engage

    Marketing your business page will greatly help in growing your audience. Be sure to participate actively in groups that are relevant to your business and engage your target audience. This creates an opportunity for your Facebook business page to get noticed, have some people to like and share similar content, increase your followers.


    Make sure to do the following:

    • Create a group for your business
    • Add members
    • Add a page for events
    • Moderate and control conversations
    • Offer rewards & incentives
    • Go live on Facebook to connect with your viewers

    Important Things To Remember

    Aside from all of the things that have been mentioned, here are some things worth noting:

    • Be consistent in creating and posting new content
    • Add compelling graphics and visual elements 
    • Coordinate your profile pinned post, cover photo, and call-to-action in promoting campaigns.
    • Strategically organize your post at the best time to get high share rates and click-through.
    • Don’t violate the terms and conditions set by Facebook by creating dummy accounts
    • Don’t overwhelm followers by spamming 


    Here are the five (5) simple steps on “How to Promote Your Nevada Business on Facebook”:

    • Create a Facebook Page for Your Business
    • Create & Establish Your Brand
    • Connect & Engage with People
    • Utilize Facebook Paid Advertisements
    • Create a Community

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