Top 5 Sites to Get Royalty Free Photos for your Las Vegas Business

royalty free photos

Royalty-free images and photos are those that you can use freely, without any restrictions after spending the initial license it has with it.

These photos are useful for your Las Vegas business because of several reasons. For one, it is easier to gather several stock photos to create a catchy image when preparing for a client presentation. Royalty-free images are cheaper and quicker to access than organizing a shoot for an original photo. It also allows its users to save time because they can immediately download it.

Here are 5 Sites to Get Royalty-Free Photos for Your Las Vegas Business

1. Pexels

Pexels has become a reputable photo library you can turn to when looking for royalty-free images and videos. Protected under the Pexels license, the users can use all of the items found in the site for free, either for personal or commercial purposes.

Note you cannot sell all photos and videos as a print (postcards, posters, magazines) or on other physical items (mugs, shirts, etc.). 

Users are only allowed to sell images that they edited or modified. It is also not allowed to sell or uploaded images from Pexels to other sites that offer stock photos and other similar platforms.

Pexels also outsources from other sites like Little Visuals and Gratisography, among the many.

2. Shutterstock

Headquartered in New York City, Shutterstock offers stock photography, music, footage, and editing tools. It maintains a library of over 200 million items on behalf of photographers, designers, videographers, illustrators, and musicians. It also has over 10 million video and music clips in its portfolio.

Shutterstock also has a useful search feature that enables its users to access relevant images and other related categories. Video stock clips are also available from this site by simply searching for the clips the creator wishes to use. The user can also browse for other related categories that they might find useful as a reference or inspiration. The clips often range from a few seconds to a minute.

Music tracks are also an excellent addition to the project or video a user is currently working on. Genre, mood and tempo are the main categories that the user can explore. A track can be heard first through a playback before downloading them to make sure that it is what the user wants to put in their project.

The price a member pays depends on the terms of payment of the team or enterprise. Monthly and annual payments are available with different price ranges. For example, 750 stock images per month would cost the user $200, while 50 models are available at $115 per month. Items offered by Shutterstock are of high quality, and end-users can buy and use it for both their commercial and non-commercial projects. Shutterstock is a marketplace that empowers both creators and end-users.

3. Pixabay

Released under the Pixabay license, it is a community that allows the sharing of free images and videos. Since the permit protects the website, photos are safe to use without giving credit or asking permission from the owner of the work, even for commercial purposes. However, privacy rights and trademarks might still protect any displayed content. Pixabay’s limitations also include the inability of the user to sell any content that is unaltered either as a poster, print, or through a physical product.

A SafeSearch filter can also be enabled to avoid explicit or inappropriate content to appear in the user’s browser. If any adult or offensive content still appears, the user can click on the flag symbol located at the upper right-hand corner of the screen to report.

4. Flickr

Flickr is a website that hosts both photo and video-sharing services. Some of the shared images are available without having to pay for anything. However, these photos have standard licenses that protect them and may have some restrictions.

This site is also best used to view clear, high definition images compared to other websites that have a photo-sharing feature like Instagram. Although there is a free version that users can access, Flickr decided to end its free storage of one (1) terabyte and only limit it to 1,000 photos.

You can organize your Flickr photos in albums and include titles and descriptions. Also, you can tag images with the permission of the user who uploaded it. Like the other sites, both professionals and casual users can use Flickr to accomplish their projects.

5. StockSnap

All images found in do not have any restrictions guarded by copyright and do not require the user to give credit to the owner of the work. Every week, the site adds new images and results are displayed based on the date it was uploaded and the number of views that it gained. StockSnap is protected by the CC0 license, which enables the users to users its images for free. The site’s long-term goal is to inspire users to share their works of art with the rest of the world.


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