Why your Las Vegas Business Should Exhibit at Trade Shows

By bringing together a particular industry’s members, a trade show can be a way for companies to display, introduce, and talk about the latest products and services that they offer.

For large cities, the organizers place trade shows in convention centers that usually lasts for a couple of days. On the other hand, trade shows for local businesses host their events at local hotels and arena. This option allows them to build bridges and connections to several prospects within the area. 

Here Are Some Benefits in Taking Part in Trade Shows in Las Vegas for Your Business

1. Attendees are better leads.

Randomly picking out names and numbers from the directory cannot be a sure lead for a business. On the other hand, the audience of a trade show is usually more motivated and willing to create a deal on the spot. This opportunity enables the business to expand their company’s customer base drastically. It is also essential for the team members to have a clear vision of the exhibit’s goal and to maximize the number of leads that they can generate.

2. Go on a fact-finding mission during a slow period.

At a time where there are only a few attendees around the floor, this can be an opportunity to leave the kiosk to know more about the business’ competitors. They can know more about the activities of their rivals and evaluate the ones that go right and wrong. Posing as a customer will also enable them to see the sales strategies of their competitors. This strategy can be made by asking for their price lists and other information about new product listings.

3. Use the exhibit strategically.

When done successfully, exhibiting a brand on a trade show can strengthen the reputation of the business. Prospect leads will see a strong brand that will motivate them to create a deal. One strategic move is by placing the kiosk of the business beside the blue-chip of the industry. This move creates a psychological effect and makes the attendees think that the business is similar to a blue-chip company. Using striking colors, fonts, and designs for the booth can also make it stand out from the rest and attract customers to come to the kiosk of the business. 

4. Receive real-time feedback.

Among the many benefits of a trade show is the opportunity to have real-time feedback from the attendees. Receiving instant feedback can help the company improve and strategize more on the points that the customers see as unstable. The team must listen to both current customers and prospects to attentively to gain a deeper understanding of the buyers’ decision process and the satisfaction of their needs.

The core benefits presented can be very much appealing to businesses and will entice them to participate in an upcoming trade show. However, it takes the right mix of strategies to survive a Las Vegas exposition. 

Here Are Some Tips on How Your Business Can Effectively Exhibit at Trade Shows

1. Create an action plan. 

Exhibitors of an event should prepare at least six (6) months before the exact date of the trade show. The team should lay everything out to avoid any delay during the event’s entire duration. Any time lag or inconvenience seen by prospects can create a lasting impact and may also affect the way they know the brand. 

2. Build the team wisely.

Having the wrong people in the team can cause immense trouble for the exhibit. In hosting a trade show in Las Vegas, an easily distracted member will find it hard to battle his or her demons and eventually give in to the city’s temptations. The action plan created in the previous step must include the target date to complete the team for the exhibit.

Alternatively, you can hire companies such as Beaumont & Co. for your Las Vegas trade show display needs. From consultations, through to design, fabrication and global services, they have your trade show needs covered. You can leave all the planning and execution to trade show professionals so you can do other important things for your business.

3. Do pre-event marketing.

It is equally essential to do pre-event planning to hype the prospect attendees of the event. It is advisable to do this at least 90-180 days before the date of the trade show. The advertisement for the show should not stop after the time of its announcement. The team must come up with a strong combination of advertising strategies and event marketing campaigns to reach the desired number of attendees. Increasing event registration and boosting ticket sales are one of the most effective ways to market the trade show with the use of event technology.  

4. Compare results against objectives.

Members of the team’s exhibit should evaluate their performance after the exposition. Doing this process can effectively be executed by comparing the turnout of the event to the objectives set in the planning stage. Through a post-event evaluation, they can talk about the strong and weak points not only of every member but the team as a whole. Improving these points in the next coming trade shows will positively impact the team’s performance and execution of its goals. 

Final Thoughts

Exhibiting a business at trade shows is one of the most accessible and effective means to reach prospective clients and expand their customer base. A lot of firms have second thoughts in participating in trade shows because it requires a notable amount of money. However, when executed successfully, the business will surely be able to maximize its profit. 

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