5 Best Project Management Tools for Your Las Vegas Business

Project management tools assist individuals and teams in efficiently completing tasks and projects. These tools are usually available online for free or through periodic subscription payments. Companies often invest in these tools to make sure that tasks are distributed to team members properly are completed as scheduled.

Your Las Vegas business will achieve success not only with the right people in your team but also with the right tools that can help you reach your customers better. 

Here are 5 of the Best Project Management Tools

1. Monday

Monday is a project management tool that enables the members of a team to collaborate visually. It aids in changing the way teams work together by allowing them to manage the work given at hand, reach deadlines. Each member can track progress, fostering transparency. In this tool, one can either pick a template or make one of their own. Members can also have a clear overview of the current standing of the project in just a glance. 

2. Asana

Regulating and managing the workflow in a social team is not an easy task to do. It involves the formulation of content, scheduling the postings, and organizing daily analytic reports. Worry not because this is where Asana comes in. It is a tool that allows online team collaboration to control and monitor the accomplishment of tasks effectively. Managers can designate tasks and other responsibilities to the members of their team. It makes it even easier because additional supporting information and documents can be placed to help the members accomplish the given task.

3. Trello

Trello can be used to increase one’s productivity or to establish the tasks and goals of a team. Its purpose ranges from software development to marketing and design of user experiences (UX). Trello is primarily a free service, but it also has different versions that come with a monthly payment such as Trello Gold for $5 per month, or $45 per year, and Trello Business Class for more business-oriented features. 

4. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking app that enables users to keep track of events and schedules daily across the different platforms being managed. A team’s points of improvement can also be identified while giving managers a list of helpful and detailed insights. This tool does not only help you track your tasks, but also reminds you whenever you forget to accomplish some. Aside from that, it can also detect idleness. 

5. Slack 

Slack is more of a traditional project management application that integrates with other tools such as Asana, Jira, PivotalTracker, Blossom, and Trello. It aids in running a project in a shorter period without putting its quality at risk. It also fosters teamwork productivity across all of its channels. In Slack, you can organize spaces so that you only see tasks relevant to a project or team you are handling at the moment. 


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