How To Start A Travel Agency In Las Vegas

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Interested to start a travel agency in Las Vegas? Read on.

Travel agents earn money by providing services which include booking reservations, arranging the itinerary, and providing assistance to clients regarding their travel needs. Travel Agent services also include organizing tours in catering to individual needs as well as for groups.

Here are the steps to start a travel agency in Las Vegas.

  1. 1
    Determine if the business is for you

    As a business owner, running a travel agency does not require one to have a formal education. One has to understand the advantages, disadvantages, and the skills that you need to start a travel agency in Las Vegas.


    • Freedom and flexibility
    • FAM or familiarization trips and discounts
    • Minimized overhead costs and tax benefits
    • Make money through commissions
    • You don’t a formal education to be a travel agent


    • You are responsible for everything
    • Seasonal pressure
    • Economic declines and other uncontrollable factors

    The Skills You Need

    • Active listening skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Time management
    • Administrative and technical skills
    • Sales and marketing skills


  2. 2
    Acquire Required Licenses and Certifications

    Obtain licenses

    Operating a travel agency requires licenses or certifications. This is to show that your business is legitimate and authorized to operate as a travel agent by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and the Travel Institute. The following are the required licenses issued by the aforementioned Associations:

    • Travel and Tourism Professional
    • Certified Travel Associate

    Join organizations or groups

    In addition, joining professional organizations for travel agencies/agents will add to your credibility and increase your travel agency’s exposure. Other known organizations are:

    Click on the link to find related information from the Business Licensing Division in the City of Las Vegas

  3. 3
    Choose Your Travel Niche Market

    • People travel for different reasons, creating different client types based on demographics that opens equal growth opportunities and risks for your business.
    • Catering to all kinds of needs is a common mistake that newly established agencies do as it places you in a position to compete against established agencies.
    • Exploring the market and conducting extensive research will greatly help in finding your niche and design individual, family, and group vacation packages.
    • You may also think about business-related travel arrangements for employees and individuals.
  4. 4
    Take Care of Administrative Related Tasks

    All types of businesses require technical and administrative tasks. The following are some of the important and non-negotiable tasks that have to be done to start a travel agency in Las Vegas:


  5. 5
    Promote Your Business

    Advertising options

    An integral part of achieving success to generate profits requires a good sales and marketing strategy by doing the following:

    Where to advertise

    Should you consider the last option, it would be good to advertise your travel agency via BBB Vegas and become a member or opt for 360° Advertising.

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