How to Get BBB Accreditation for Your Las Vegas Business

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization that aims to accredit businesses that have proven trustworthiness and quality standards. Only companies that receive a “B” rating or higher can receive accreditation. When your business has this seal of approval, it sends a signal to your potential clients and consumers that you are serious about your business and offerings. Thus, increasing your sales. For this reason, a number of businesses get their BBB accreditation in Las Vegas. 

Here's how you can get your BBB accreditation for your Las Vegas business:
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    Step 1: Check Eligibility

    Before starting your accreditation process, you must first check if your company meets all the requirements of a BBB accredited business. Go to Read the “BBB Accreditation Standards” to have a better understanding of the requirements. If your business meets all of the criteria, you can proceed with the accreditation process. Note that some of the listed rules can be pretty subjective; they are all based on honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, quick resolution of complaints, and smooth customer communications. 

    It is imperative for businesses who wish to be accredited to uphold all the BBB Standards for Trust.

    Eligibility Requirements: 

    In the application process, interested businesses have to mention the nature of the company and state the physical address (both FedEx and UPS addresses are acceptable). They also must be in operation within the same address for more than a year and have met all the bonding and licensing requirements of Las Vegas. They must also have no records of any disciplinary actions. 

    It is imperative for businesses to readily respond to any disputes made by their clients with the BBB. They must also abide by the mediation as recommended by the BBB. All resolution of conflicts must be done amicably and professionally. 

    Businesses must also promise to protect customer privacy at all costs, particularly for companies that collect confidential information. 

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    Step 2: Fill Out the BBB Accreditation Application Form

    In the BBB homepage, click the “Apply/Join” button located at the navigation menu. The menu will then show you the form in which you can enter your business information, including: 

    • Business name
    • Email address
    • Phone number 
    • ZIP code

    This form will serve as your initial consultation form with the BBB. When BBB receives this form, they will email you a link where you can complete your application process.

    Once you receive the link, click on it and fill in the required fields, including: 

    Make sure to completely fill out all the required information so the organization can streamline your application. 

    Review it again. Then click “Submit.”

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    Step 3: Wait for the BBB Evaluation of your Application

    BBB will thoroughly review your submitted form, evaluate all the provided information, and do a qualitative assessment of your business through their internal sources and public records. They may also contact you for clarification or to request additional information to process your application. The review process may take weeks. 

    After the evaluation, the organization will inform you of the BBB accreditation of your Las Vegas business. Their decision will be sent via physical mail and email. They will also list your business in their online directory. 

    Should the BBB deny your accreditation, you will also receive a letter informing you of the reason for the denial, the wait time before you can resend your application, and recommendations on how you can secure approval should you wish to re-apply. 

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    Step 4: Pay Accreditation Fee

    When you receive your accreditation, you must pay the accreditation fee. Since the BBB is a non-profit organization, the costs will go to the operating expenses. The accreditation fee will automatically proceed once you accept the BBB accreditation. They will send a notification email with a link. Note that the accreditation fee depends on the size of your company. Your welcome letter will also include the total accreditation fee you’re supposed to pay. 

    Once your payment is received, you will get a physical and a digital “BBB Accredited” logo. The physical logo indicates the grade rating. 

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    Step 5: Market Your Business With BBB Tools

    You can now promote your business brandishing your newly acquired BBB accreditation logo. Include them on your website and display it in your office. You can access the logos in your BBB dashboard. The username and password will also be included in your accreditation letter. 

    You can also choose to advertise with BBB Vegas. They have a digital magazine and a website where you can promote your products and services. Attend the BBB.Vegas Welcome Wednesday Mixer to meet like-minded individuals and see the 360.Vegas exclusive studio. 

    The Bottom Line

    Securing a BBB accreditation is synonymous with being an industry leader. It is a testament of your commitment to your customers and clients. Once you have it, customers know that you’re all about your business. The BBB organization monitors over 5.4 million businesses. Each company receives a rating, ranging from A+ to F, with A+ being the highest a business can have. 

    This rating system depends on the 16 criteria set by the organization. It is based on facts about the business like years in operation and status of business licenses and consumer feedback like number and pattern of complaints and how the company responds to these disputes. 


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