How to Use Canva for Your Las Vegas Business

How to Use Canva for Your Las Vegas Business

Canva is a very popular graphic design tool used by individuals and organizations to create different projects. It allows its users to create a variety of content types ranging from presentations, documents, marketing materials, invitations, ads, and many more. It also gives you access to several templates and an option to create your design if you prefer to do so.

Canva is a very helpful tool that can help businesses in many ways. Below are some of the features that make it just the perfect one to use for your Las Vegas business:

Canva Features
  1. 1
    Drag and Drop

    This functionality allows the user to discover image elements easier when combined with search. With this, you may also easily include the ones that you like for more access.

  2. 2
    Fonts and Images

    Canva offers tons of options when choosing the images and fonts that you will place in your graphic. Whether you are using a free, paid, or uploaded photo, Canva offers a photo editor that is easy to use where you can adjust the tint and brightness of the image or even apply a filter if you prefer to do so.

  3. 3

    You can work together with your colleagues through Canva in two ways: ask for comments and open to edit. Both can be done by clicking the share button and by typing in the email address in the email box.

    By checking the box where the arrow is pointed, you are giving them access to edit your design. Otherwise, you are only sharing your project to get comments.

    How to Use Canva for Your Las Vegas Business

    An email will be sent to the people with whom you shared, notifying them of your action.

    How to Use Canva for Your Las Vegas Business

    Upon clicking the “See the full design” button, they will see the screen where they can either place their comments or edit the design, depending on which option they were invited to do.

    How to Use Canva for Your Las Vegas Business

    To help you begin your journey with Canva, let us have a walk-through of the steps to make a Facebook post. This can generate a lot of attention from the public quickly, especially when they are catchy and of substance.

How to Use Canva
  1. 1
    Select your template

    In this project, we will be doing a design for a Facebook post. Choose the Facebook post template by simply clicking it.

  2. 2
    Get yourself familiarized with the features

    This screen displays the part where you can begin creating your Facebook post.

    The following are the features that you can use for your project:

    Search tab

    Images, charts, icons, and many other elements can be found here.

    Layouts tab

    Several pre-existing designs are offered by Canva. This can help you save time especially if you would want to post your project immediately.

    Text tab

    Several pre-formatted text elements and designs can be found in this section. There are also example phrases showing the topics where the said designs are most appropriate.

    Background tab

    You can access various backgrounds that you can use in your project when you are not creating your design from scratch.

    Uploads tab

    Elements from your files can be uploaded like your logo and other images you wish to include on your post.

    Zoom Control

    You can adjust your work area by making it smaller or larger with this functionality.

    Search form

    Using this search form can always be used whenever you want to access search.


    This is where you create your project.

    Add a new page

    When you would like to create multiple pages for your project, you can do so by clicking on this option.

    Page controls

    Track, copy, or delete your ages with the help of this feature. You can also easily navigate on them through this.

    Design Name

    Name your design here.

    Share button

    As discussed above, you can share your design with this.

    Download button

    Use this to download your image.

    Make Public button

    You can share your design with other Canva users through this.

    Help tab

    You can use this section when you have questions in the process of creating your design.

  3. 3
    Try Creating Your Design

    With the different tools presented in the previous section, apply the concept you have in mind for your Facebook post. An example is shown below:

    How to Use Canva for Your Las Vegas Business

  4. 4
    Download Your Design

    Download your completed design by clicking on the “Download” button, as shown below.

    How to Use Canva for Your Las Vegas Business

    When all of the elements used in your design were free, the following message will be displayed upon downloading:

    On the other hand, the download process would be checked out if you use one or more elements that are in premium:

  5. 5
    Upload your design

    Now that you have the downloaded version of your design, you may upload it on your Facebook page and reach as many people as you can!

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