How to Add 360 Photos to your Google Business Profile for Las Vegas

Image of a Google street view photographer

Why Add 360 photos to your Google Business Profile?

In this article, we will talk about how to add 360 photos to your Google business profile. First, we have to talk about why we need to do that.

Marketing a product, a service, or a business has never been easy with the help of the internet and the latest developments in technology. Using Google My Business to attract and engage new customers provides a competitive advantage offering the following benefits: 

  • A stunning Business Profile
  • A free website that you can easily update and customize
  • Share and provide useful and helpful information
  • Online engagement that builds customer loyalty

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If a picture indeed speaks volumes of words to bring clarity that appeals to one’s senses, surely a google 360 view of your business can accomplish a lot of things including.

  • Establish an online presence
  • Opens a gateway for more people to know your business
  • Increased user engagement with searches resulting in an on-site visit
  • Easy sharing option on websites and social media 

With the plethora of advantages that Google 360 photos could bring to your business, investing in your company by employing a Google Street View Photographer in Las Vegas or a google trusted photographer is a matter of importance.

However, if you are a startup business who intends to take matters into your own hands by doing-it-yourself, here are the steps on “How to add 360 photos to your Google Business Profile in Las Vegas”.

How to add 360 photos to your Google Business Profile in Las Vegas
  1. 1
    Comply with Google Image Requirements

    Google requires certain standards when it comes to the images that you intend to use for the 360° virtual tour of your establishment using Google maps. The resolution should be of high quality with the following standards:  

    • Images must be at least 7.5 megapixels with 2:1 aspect ratio
    • File size for the Image must not be more than 75 megabytes
  2. 2
    Take 360° Panoramic Shots

    If you have a smartphone which belongs to the top of the line that is equipped with an 8 to 12 megapixels camera, you may use it to take high-quality images of the surrounding areas of your establishment with the use of a 360 Panorama application. However, if you have a budget and it makes sense to have a professional level type of quality for your images, it would be good for you to invest using the following equipment to create a Street View.

  3. 3
    Post Photos on your Google My Business Page

    Having captured the ideal images for a virtual tour of your establishment, you may now upload or post the photos you have captured on your Google My Business Page by following the succeeding steps::   

    • On the home page, click on “Photos
    • On the Photos bar, click on “360”. This is also the section where you can find all of the 360° images related to your business including other options for interior and exterior images, videos, as well as your teams uploaded images.
    • Click on the blue colored icon with the plus symbol, located on the right side to go to the “upload section” and post your photos.

    Once you have successfully posted your photos, you may now view it on the My Google Business Page and add the same images on Street View.

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