Choosing the Best Accounting Software for Your Las Vegas Business

Best Accounting Software for Las Vegas Business

As a business owner, your main task is to keep an eye on the money that you bring in and out. That said, you need to know the tricks of choosing the best accounting software for your Las Vegas business. To successfully run your business,  you must have a dedicated program that can help you carry out daily accounting activities, including tracking expenses, invoicing clients and customers, monitoring payments, and reconciling transactions. Having all these in place can give you an insight into the financial status of your business from various angles. 

With hundreds of programs in the market today, how do you choose which one is the best accounting software for your business? Most plans in the market today come with multiple sets of features, and choosing can be a task in itself. To help you narrow down your choices, consider these following items:

Cost. Do you prefer to have an affordable program that offers basic accounting, or are you willing to pay a little extra to get advanced features?

Accessibility. Do you need a program that allows multiple users? Would you like to access the application over the cloud? 

Features. What reports do you need to generate from the software? Does your business require accounts receivable and payable features? Is tracking inventory vital in your operations? 

Once you have trimmed down your options, it would be a lot easier to see which among the accounting software can best provide your needs. 

The Cost of Accounting Software

In general, accounting software comes at different price points. Most of the cost depends on the features. Looking at the best accounting software today, most of them offer cloud-based systems, so instead of paying a one-time fee for software licenses, you have to pay for a monthly subscription fee. Paid programs come in different packages, with prices ranging from $10 to $100 monthly.

Premium software can cost you much more, but they are usually feature-rich. Paying good money can get you advanced features like project tracking and billing, expense and sales tracking, advanced reporting, team functions, and inventory tracking, to name a few. In most cases, they also offer integrations with other business programs to better streamline operations. 

If you’re getting a paid package, it’s best you get a yearly plan to get discounts. 

Accessibility Features You Should Consider in an Accounting Software

Your accounting software should accommodate your business needs. When it comes to accessibility, you have to factor in the following: 

Multiple User Access

If you are delegating tasks in your small business, you would want your team members to access the program. Look for a program that allows you to control the data and information that they can see and access. For example, you can give your business partners full access to the program, but you would want your employees to use specific features such as tracking inventory and invoicing. 

Multiple Business Support

If you have more than one business, it would be unwise to own two different accounting software for each one. Look for the one that allows you to work on different companies in one platform under one account without additional costs. 

Cloud-Based System

If you are always on the go, it is best to get a cloud-based accounting system so you have the luxury of accessing your account anywhere in the world you may be. If you prefer having a mobile app, you should check if the capabilities and features are the same, as in most cases, the functionality varies. Check if the program can work in your preferred platform (iOS or Android).

What Accounting Features Fit Your Needs?

When choosing the best accounting software, it is a must that you have a list of the features that you need to help you run your business smoothly. While many software comes with multiple functions, you should focus on what you only need in terms of helping you manage your finances. In short, the features should answer the needs of your business. 

Basic Accounting

Most small businesses in Las Vegas use accounting software that provides the most basic accounting function, such as invoicing, generating financial reports, tracking of income and expenses, and managing customers. If these are enough to help you run your business, then stick to a basic program. However, if your company entails tracking numerous products, you might want to have accounting software that can help you manage your vendors, track your inventory, and aid you in purchase orders. If, on the other hand, your business deals with services, you might want to have software that allows you to track time and create an invoice for hours rendered. 

Automated Functions

You can be a successful business owner if you can focus on making money for your business. For this reason, timesaving programs can be your ally. Fortunately for you, some accounting software can be set to send recurring invoices and past-due reminders. Several applications also let you reconcile your accounts through transaction matching. 

Preparation of Taxes

Tax preparation can be a burden for you and your accountant. To make your life easier, go with accounting software that comes with automatic tax calculations and tax reporting. 

Accounting Software Add-Ons

If you want to have a complete accounting software package, choose the one that offers premium add-ons such as payroll services and payment processing. Note, however, that these options would require you to pay extra. 

Third-Party Integration

If you’re running an ecommerce site, you can choose to integrate your accounting software with your website. Once combined, it would be a lot easier to monitor and track your inventory, record transactions, automate purchase orders, and record sales. 

The Bottom Line

When choosing the best accounting software for your Las Vegas business, you should always consider how it would help you run your business smoothly. If you’re starting out, you can have the basic accounting program first. When business prospers, you can always upgrade your plan to the one that would better suit your business needs. 

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