How to find the right suppliers for your restaurant in Las Vegas

Are you on the hunt for the best restaurant suppliers in Las Vegas?

Running a business in a highly competitive industry requires more than a well-thought concept and having a variety of excellent food choices. In addition to these non-negotiable elements, having the right suppliers play a very important role in the success of your restaurant business.

Finding Your Suppliers
  1. 1
    Know Your Needs

    Take note of everything that your business needs which can be classified into the following categories:

    • Equipment
    • Food Supplies
    • Paper Supplies
    • Manpower
  2. 2
    Research Suppliers

    Here are sources of information that you can check in searching for suppliers:

    • Look it up on Google
    • Check B2B Marketplaces
    • Check Industry Groups and Professional Networks
    • Attend Trade Shows
  3. 3
    Categorize Your Suppliers

    Categorizing the list of suppliers that you have gathered based on research will help to narrow down your best option/s in consideration to your budget. Suppliers for your restaurant business can be categorized to the following:

    • Manufacturers
    • Vendor/Agent/Distributor
    • Wholesalers
    • Retailers
  4. 4
    Get the Best Deal

    • Knowing the difference between your supplier’s help to determine the best possible option.
    • Manufacturers produce the goods and provide the best deal since you are directly getting your “supplies” from the source.
    • Vendors, Agents, and Distributors are synonymous terms that are used interchangeably depending on the setup.
    • You can categorize these group as the middlemen who are legally authorized to distribute products to wholesalers and retailers alike.
    • Retailer’s on the other hand directly sells products to buyers and they may or may not have a retail store outlet.


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