How to Start A Granite Fabrication Business in Las Vegas

One of the most lucrative businesses in Las Vegas today is countertop installation. Often, homeowners would want to create customized countertops, and since granite is the most common material that they would go for, starting a granite fabrication is highly ideal.

How to Start a Cabinet Making Business in Las Vegas

A cabinet making industry is one of the most profitable businesses that you can start in Las Vegas. Come to think of it – almost every homeowner clamors for storage. Each house or building needs to have a cabinet – be it in the kitchen, bathroom, and even bedrooms. As the real estate industry in

How to Change Your Company Name in Las Vegas

If you are running a business entity currently registered in Las Vegas and you wish to change its name, you have to file a request for a Name Amendment or Articles of Amendment/Certificate of Amendment. If the business has other business locations, filing of the change of company name in all other states in which

How to Get Investors for Your Las Vegas Business

Deciding to open a business is a pursuit that is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of steps to take and challenges to hurdle. One of the significant trials it can go through is obtaining the necessary funds for the business to put its goals into action. Las Vegas is an

How to Get Small Business Grants for Your Las Vegas Business

One of the challenges of starting a business in Las Vegas is getting the necessary funding to help get the company off the ground. While getting a loan is something a business owner can work on, securing a small business grant could be something worth looking into.  Getting small business grants are not for everyone. 

How to Promote Your Las Vegas Business in Quora

Promoting your Las Vegas business in as many channels as possible is ideal. Since its launch in 2009, Quora has been a go-to question-and-answer service that business owners can leverage when it comes to promoting their products and services. The platform has attracted a good number of executives, startups, and industry insiders who are eager

How to Add Your Las Vegas Business on Yelp

If your Las Vegas business is not yet on Yelp, then it is about time you add your business to the online review site. Yelp has close to 178 million unique visitors in a month. Over the years, it has become one of the trusted online review sites that as much as 45% of customers

How To Start a Property Management Company in Las Vegas

Learning how to start a real estate property management company in Las Vegas is a wise decision. The Las Vegas market is slowly approaching pre-recession levels, and those who are comfortable with managing both people and property should definitely look at exploring this career path. While property management is a profitable business to start, it