Contents Of An Employee Handbook For Your Las Vegas Business

The State of Nevada follows an “employment-at-will” practice. This practice means that an employer can terminate the employment relationship unless the two parties have an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement. However, Nevada courts have, in the past, used provisions stated in an employee handbook to stand as an employment contract. Given this, it is of

What is Recordkeeping for Business?

What is Recordkeeping? By definition, recordkeeping is a process of documenting transactions into an accounting system. It is a vital part of accounting that deals with accurate and thorough recording of finances. Essentially, recordkeeping is a record of how you are making and spending your money.  Since it deals with finances, it is an essential

Employee Paperwork Checklist For Your Las Vegas Business

The employee paperwork checklist refers to the forms and other related documents that each employee of a business or a company in Las Vegas has to complete. It must be completed before employees receive their first paycheck All employed individuals in adherence to the state and federal laws must complete and submit this paperwork. As

Hiring an Independent Contractor vs Employee for Your Las Vegas Business

Thinking if you should hire independent contractors or employees for your business? Defining the needs of the business is a crucial factor that entrepreneurs must deal with. One of these needs is the types of workers they would want to contribute to their business. Knowing when to hire an independent contractor versus an employee for

Getting a City License for Your Las Vegas Business

Starting a business means getting tons of paperwork done. One of the most important documents that you have to deal with is the city license. Some business owners choose to skip getting one they see their business take off. However, you should know that without it, your business cannot legally operate.  Why Getting a City

Choosing a Location for Your Las Vegas Business

Choosing a location for your business as the most important factor to consider in establishing your business, has been mentioned for a countless number of times in research studies, business-related articles, and online resources. In fact, we’ve got a marketing and management lecturer at the University of Dayton School of Business in the name of

Top 10 Business Ideas In Las Vegas

If you’re searching for some business ideas in Las Vegas, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are living in Vegas but looking to quit your 9 to 5 job to be your own boss or planning to move and have a fresh new start and running your own company, here are some