How to Write a Company Profile

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What Is a Company Profile?

  • An introduction to your business
  • It explains what your business sells and why your business exists
  • Usually includes the story behind how your business came to be, as well as its culture, values, mission, and vision

Uses of a Company Profile

  • A marketing tool that could help attract customers and investors into your business
  • A reliable reference that could help anyone gain a better grasp of your business

Without a doubt, a company profile is an opportunity to tell how amazing your business is. See steps below to create an engaging company profile that will serve you well!

Format Your Company Profile
  1. 1
    Make It Digestible

    Keep your readers interested by making your company profile easy-to-understand, simple, and concise. Moreover, only include imperative information about your business such as:

    • Basic company information (name, location, website address, contact information, etc.)
    • The story about how your business came to be
    • Mission and Vision
    • Values



  2. 2
    Be Creative With Your Format

    While it’s important that your company profile is professional, it’s also equally important that it grabs the attention of your readers. Use graphics, pictures, charts and a font style that will help them know your brand more and much better.

  3. 3
    Use Easy-to-Read Font, Headers and Bullet Points

    Make the hard copy of your company profile easy-to-read. Use simple fonts like:

    • Arial
    • Calibri
    • Helvetica

    It’s also important to note that too much text could bore your readers. So, make your document scannable and digestible by breaking up text.

    • Use headers to help readers determine what your next paragraph will tackle. For example, “Our Humble Beginnings” lets them know that the next paragraph will discuss the compelling story of how your business came to be.
    • Use bullet points when you are listing a number of items about a topic such as your awards.
  4. 4
    Use Active Voice

    Writing in the active voice allows you to express your message clearly and concisely. Consequently, writing in the passive voice could make your sentences complicated. Read the example below to see the difference:

    • Active voice – “We move forward with passion, responsibility, and integrity.”
    • Passive voice – “Passion, responsibility, and integrity moves us forward.”

    The sentence in the active voice is more direct, right?

  5. 5
    Avoid Using Business Jargon and Terms

    Jennifer Chatman, a management professor at the Haas School of Business in California, said, “Jargon masks real meaning. People use it as a substitute for thinking hard and clearly about their goals and the direction they want to give others”.

    How will your target market and potential investors know who you are if they couldn’t understand you? Understanding you is a pre-requisite to loving you. Make the most of your company profile by making it comprehensible. Therefore, avoid excessive use of business terms and keep it simple.

Include Relevant Information
  1. 1
    Start With the Basics: Company Name, Address, Contact Info, Products and Services

    • Start with the imperative details of your company. This includes your company name, your company’s address, your website, your contact information, and etc.
    • In the hard-copy of your document, you could make the company name as your header. Instead of a type, use your logo instead.
    • Discuss your products and services. Let your readers know not only what you’re selling but also why you’re selling them.
  2. 2
    Specify the Structure of Your Business

    Specify your business structure. State whether you are operating a/an:

  3. 3
    Add a Mission Statement

    Your mission statement shall include what you and your team do every day to come closer towards achieving your vision.


  4. 4
    Include Company History, Milestones, Achievements, and Company Culture

    Company History

    Talk about the foundation of your business. Take them on a stroll down the memory lane on your humble beginnings and how the company is doing presently. A chronological explanation would be great.

    Milestones & Achievements

    Let your readers know key milestones that led your business to where it is today. Include important partnerships, recognition, awards, and etc.

    Company Culture

    Give your readers a background on the core of your business: your employees. Tell them how you care for and train them. Furthermore, discuss the employee policies you have in place in different areas such as health, safety, and labor rights.


Polish Your Work
  1. 1
    Proofread Your Company Profile

    It only takes a few minutes before a person makes a judgment of you. Leave a good impression by creating a company profile that is free from grammatical errors nor typographical errors. So, seek the help of an adept editor to proofread your work!  

  2. 2
    Look Into Other Company Profiles

    Running out of ideas for your company profile? Look into the company profiles of others to see possibilities and spark inspiration. To help you, here’s an article from HubSpot that compiles some of the best corporate profiles out there.




  3. 3
    Fortify Your Company Image

    Concentrate on the positive stuff about your company. If, in case, you need to talk about something negative such as losing a business partner, always end in a positive remark. Tell them what you did to bounce back. 


Utilize & Manage Your Corporate Profile
  1. 1
    Publish Your Corporate Profile Online

    According to the 2019 digital report of We Are Social, there are 4.39 billion Internet users as of January 2019. It only means that there’s a huge opportunity online to reach your target market!

    Maximize the opportunity that the Internet offers by using SEO tactics. Once a visitor lands on your site, make sure that they can find your company profile somewhere. It would also be great to share your company profile on your social media accounts especially LinkedIn.

  2. 2
    Use Your Corporate Profile as a Marketing Tool

    Your corporate profile is a high-level overview of your brand. Therefore, it can serve as an awesome tool to boost brand awareness. To maximize the opportunity it offers, you can: 

    • Upload it on your website
    • Share it on your social media accounts
    • Include it on your business plan
  3. 3
    Include Your Corporate Profile in Press Releases

    Link your corporate profile in your press releases. Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a change in the board or any other reasons to publish a press release, it’s great to include a link of your corporate profile so potential customers or investors can learn more about you if they want to. Doing so could boost brand awareness and web traffic.

  4. 4
    Constantly Update Your Company Profile

    Review your corporate profile regularly. Update it when there are any relevant changes in your company, be it in terms of management, operations, or policies. 

    Now that you have been equipped with the knowledge on How to Write a Company Profile, here are some useful links that can help you create your awesome corporate profile soon!

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