How To Make Money On YouTube For Your Las Vegas Business

Learning how to make money on YouTube for your Las Vegas business is probably one of the best means of becoming a celebrity and make money based on the following factors:

  • Creative Content
  • Number of views, subscribers, and loyal followers
  • Monetization through ads and sponsorships

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What is Youtube?

Despite having similar features that are common to popular social media platforms, YouTube primarily functions as a video sharing site for “YouTubers” and youtube enthusiasts. In a like manner that is comparable to FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest-Users are capable of doing the following:

  • Create digital content using pictures, music, and videos
  • Creating a personal or a business YouTube Channel
  • Clicking on the like button, leave comments and share 
  • Watch music videos and movies for educational and entertainment purposes
  • Use Youtube as a marketing tool for business
  • Group and organize contents into playlists

Why Learn How to Start a YouTube Channel?

Initially, Youtube users are primarily divided into two (2) different categories, namely:

  • The “YouTubers” or content makers 
  • Content viewers or subscribers

However, with the platform’s growing popularity and number of users, it also increased the demand for quality content that paved the way for established companies and major media outlets to expand their marketing on the platform. Further developments have broadened the field of the online marketing industry and created an opportunity for people to make a career out of being an “influencer”.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts and reasons why you need to learn, “How to Start a YouTube Channel in Las Vegas and Make Money”.

  • YouTube is the world’s most-visited site and largest search engine, after Google
  • The platform is accessible in more than 91 countries
  • It’s MAU that are logged in on the platform is over 1.9 billion
  • Searches for “How-to” videos are growing at 70% every year
  • About 400 tweets per minute are linked to a YouTube video
  • Analysts at Wall Street valued YouTube over $100B with about $15B in annual revenue
  • A YouTuber earned $22 million USD in 2018

The list of reasons backed up with statistical data talks about the potential to earn profits in learning “How to Start a YouTube Channel and Make Money”. Should you consider starting your own Youtube Channel, follow the steps.


How to Start a YouTube Channel in Las Vegas and Make Money
  1. 1
    Create Your YouTube Channel

    It’s easy to create a YouTube channel. Sign up for a Google account, if you don’t have one yet. It will automatically give you a YouTube account.

    • Once you have access to YouTube, make sure to add keywords relevant to your content, brand or channel.
    • Choose a username that’s easy to remember. When choosing one, you also have to think of the future growth of your channel. You are only allowed to change your username 3 times within a 90-day period. So choose wisely.
  2. 2
    Customize YouTube Channel Settings

  3. 3
    Create Content

    High-quality videos

    In creating content, make sure that you upload unique high-quality videos. Always challenge yourself to do better and make sure that your content keeps getting better and better. It also helps if you have a high-quality camera.

    Important Information

    Here are helpful links to help you get started in creating your content:

  4. 4
    Build An Audience

    You need people who will watch your videos. They are the ones who also watch the ads that pop up on your channel in order for you to earn money.


    • Focus on creating great content. If what you put out there is great, people will surely come back for more.
    • Consistency is the key. Make sure to have a regular schedule in terms of uploading your videos. People like it when they have something to expect from your channel.
  5. 5
    Minimum Requirements For Monetization

    After enabling the monetization option, you won’t start earning right away. Make sure that your channel meets the following requirements:

    • A total of 4,000 watched hours in a span of 12 months
    • Minimum of 1,000 subscribers

    There are other ways to earn money on YouTube and each feature has different requirements. Click HERE for more information.

  6. 6
    Monetize Your Channel

    After meeting the above-mentioned requirements, join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Here’s what you need to do:

    • Agree to the YPP terms and conditions.
    • Sign up and activate your Google AdSense account. Click HERE for step by step instructions.
    • Set the ad types that you want to run on your videos.
    • Submit your application for review.

    Click HERE for more information.

  7. 7
    Check The Analytics

    You can get data for your channel through Google Analytics, which is super convenient. All you have to do is sign up for an Analytics account and link your Google AdSense account. Click HERE for detailed instructions.

  8. 8
    Promote Your Videos

    Ways to promote

    Don’t just pray and wait for people to watch your videos. You can actively promote your channel through the following:

    • Blog/Website
    • Facebook Page
    • Instagram
    • Other social media channels.

    Same name across platforms

    It helps if all of your social media channels have the same name as your YouTube channel so it will be easier for people to find you. This is most especially helpful if you want to run ads on those channels for people to view your videos on YouTube.

  9. 9
    Engage With Your Subscribers

    Subscribers usually show their loyalty to their favorite channels. So in order to gain their support, you need to engage with them by doing the following:

    • Taking time to reply to their comments
    • Involve them in your content creation by asking for suggestions
    • If you want to go the vlogging route, you can schedule meet-ups with your subscribers

    Adding a personal touch to your channel certainly matters. This makes people feel that you are creating videos because you care about them.

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