How to Get a Mailing Address via USPS for Your Las Vegas Business

Every business needs a mailing address. It is one of the requirements that you have to provide if you are to secure a business registration. It is also a way to add a level of credibility as a legitimate business, especially if you are running your business from home. Learning how to get a mailing address for your Las Vegas business is a professional way if winning customers without risking your privacy.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get a mailing address via USPS for your Las Vegas business:
  1. 1
    Step 1: Visit the USPS Website

    You can visit the United States Postal Service (USPS) website. Log in to your existing account or sign up for a new one via Fill out the required information, including username and password. Make sure that your password is secure and easy to remember. You may choose to register as a business account to take advantage of all the solutions offered by the USPS for all businesses. 

    Note that you have to be 18 years old to register an account online. If you are below 18 years old, you have to visit the local Post Office in person. 

    ***If you are below 18 years old, proceed to Step 8. 

  2. 2
    Step 2: Choose PO Boxes Option

    Once signed in, you can hover the dashboard and choose the “Track and Manage” tab. Select PO Boxes under the “Learn About.”

    When you are in the PO boxes site, you can now choose to reserve a new PO box, renew a PO box, or link a PO box. Choose the “Reserve a New PO Box” to reserve with your existing account. Enter your zip code. 

  3. 3
    Step 3: Find a New PO Box

    Enter your zip code or address in the Search field. This section will give you all the PO box that is closest to your location. 

  4. 4
    Step 4: Choose the Box Size

    Once you have selected the nearest PO box to your business address, you can choose the size of your PO box. Your choice depends on how you will use your PO box. Make sure to select the appropriate size that suits your business needs. 

  5. 5
    Step 5: Choose Length of Rental

    After choosing the box size, you have to select the length of time you want to rent the box. If you’re just starting your business, you can choose to rent the box for three months. Note, however, that 3-month payment terms require you to enroll in automatic renewals with no opt-out options. Once you have decided, click the “Reserve” button at the end of the page to continue with the registration process. 

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  6. 6
    Step 6: Fill Up Form 1093 or Application for Post Office Box

    Make sure that you provide complete and accurate details, including: 

    • Name
    • Title
    • Mailbox Type
    • Business Name
    • Additional Authorized Mailbox Users
    • Current Mailing Address

    Once you have all the details, double-check before printing it for your business records. Again, make sure that you choose “Business” for your mailing address type. 

  7. 7
    Step 7: Pay PO Box Rental Fee

    For the payment, you have four options:

    • Via Credit/Debit Card
    • Through Self-Service Kiosks (SSKs)
    • By Mail
    • In Person

    When you are paying in person, you have to show proof of identification, with one of them being a photo ID. Some of the acceptable IDs are: 

    • Passport
    • Driver’s License
    • State Identification Card
    • Voter Registration Card
    • Military ID
    • Insurance Policy

    Once the Post Office representative validates your IDs and you have settled your rental fee, you will now receive the keys to your business mailbox.

  8. 8
    Step 8: Set Up a Business Mailing Address in Person

    If you are below 18 years old or if you prefer to accomplish the task in person, you may visit your local USPS office. Fall in line and inform the Post Office representative that you are there to get a business mailing address. The representative will give you a Form 1093 that you have to fill up. Once done, pay the rental fee and show proof of identification to receive the keys to your PO box. 

    When Do You Need to Get a Mailing Address for Your Las Vegas Business?

    Many factors may require you to secure a mailing address, here are some of them: 

    • You have a home business, but you don’t want to sacrifice your privacy. A business mailing address is the right choice if you don’t want to let your customers know where you live. 
    • You don’t live in your own home, and you don’t want other household members to run through your confidential mail.
    • Your business requires you to receive tons of large or irregularly sized packages. 
    • You want to give the impression of professionalism. 

    What Are Other Forms of Obtaining a Mailing Address for Your Las Vegas Business?

    Securing a Virtual Mailbox. This online mailbox also comes with a street address, but the actual mailbox is digital. All mails received by the virtual mailbox undergo scanning and digitization, which you can access via your smartphone or tablet. Some of the providers are Earth Class Mail and Traveling Mailbox. 

    Rent a Coworking Space. Some coworking spaces allow you to use their business address as your mailing address for your Las Vegas business. 

    Buying or Renting Office Space. If you have money to spare and want to have a more permanent business mailing address, you can buy or lease office space. Note, however, that this is the most expensive method of all. 

    Final Word

    Now that you know how to get a mailing address via USPS for your Las Vegas business, your next step is to make sure that you include it in all your marketing campaigns so your customers can easily find and communicate with you. 

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