How to Choose a Pet Care Franchise in Las Vegas

The Question

“How to Choose a Pet Care Franchise in Las Vegas?” It’s not a question that you would bother to ask unless you are seriously looking for franchise opportunities. You probably read about “How to Start a Franchise Business In Las Vegas” and you love pets. So, you’ve made up your mind to franchise a Pet Care Center but you find yourself asking, “How do I Choose a Pet Care Franchise?” Should you consider franchising Petco, Petland, or PetSmart?

What is Pet Care?

As simple as the word implies, caring for a pet or pets is not as “simple” as you think. Caring for a pet covers different aspects that include: 

  • Pet Cleaning (Bathing, hair removal, hand stripping, nail clipping)
  • Creative Grooming
  • Pet Boarding
  • Pet Safety
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Medical care 
  • Vaccinations
  • Pet Sitting
  • Training & Etc.

Given the wide range of services, knowledge, and expertise required in taking care of a pet, it is no surprise why owning pet shop businesses is profitable. Even employing a professional to work as a Veterinarian to take care of a pet’s medical needs, requires one to have a Bachelor’s Degree.

Why Start a Pet Care Franchise in Las Vegas?

Here are facts that bear witness to the potential and profitability of running a Pet shop in Las Vegas:

  • The average American spends about $72.13 billion for their pets
  • About 6 out of 10 households keep dogs as pets
  • Las Vegas ranks as the 3rd of the most pet-friendly cities in the U.S
  • Las Vegas belongs to the top five cities that have the most number of dog parks
  • The Petshop industry shows growth in revenue despite the recession according to a report back in 2014

Should you consider starting your own, here are the steps that you need:

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How to Choose a Pet Care Franchise in Las Vegas
  1. 1
    Know What You Want

    Choose Your Niche

    There are different types of Pet Shops or Stores. Some specialize in a certain area while others have a mix of everything that most of your competitors offer. Familiarizing yourself with the industry standards and common practices in the area that you would choose as your niche will help you in deciding the type of Pet Care to Franchise. Here are some pet store types or categories you can check:

    • Pet sitting
    • Dog walking
    • Pet grooming
    • Dog training
    • Pet clothing and accessory designer or pet couture
    • Veterinary services
    • Pet photography and Pet portrait business
    • Retail pet shops or pet supply stores
    • Pet waste removal services

    Evaluate Yourself

    Before deciding on which type of Pet franchise to buy, consider an honest evaluation of your willingness to persevere in running your pet care franchise. Keep in mind the possibility of facing the challenges and difficulties you might have to deal with in running your business.

  2. 2
    Know What Your Customers Want

    Knowing what you want is a good start in figuring what type of Pet Care Shop to franchise. However, keep in mind that businesses are established and thrives on the fact that it exists to provide a product or a service in addressing a need. Knowing what your customers need (or want) guarantees the continuity of your franchise business, as you continue to provide products and services to address their needs. To find out what’s important for your target market or customers, you can apply any of the following methods for Data Analysis:

    • Online surveys
    • Telephone interviews
    • Face to face interviews
    • Market Research
  3. 3
    Define Your Standards

    Knowing the kind of business you want to franchise and the needs of your customers give you an opportunity to make good business. However, in a competitive industry with a multitude of franchise options, it is quite difficult to pick one unless you have clearly defined goals and standards. Your standards would help in determining which Pet franchise opportunity to choose. Make sure to check the following:

    • Demand for the products/services
    • Franchise track record
    • Required Investment Capital
    • Business rival or competition
    • Training and support
    • General guidelines and standards
  4. 4
    Research Pet Care Businesses for Franchise

    Search Online

    There are thousands of possible sources to find Pet franchise opportunities or franchise for sale in Las Vegas. Here are some sources that you can check online:


    In addition, you might want to attend franchise expos and other related events. If all else fails, you can always scour Google for other sources you can find.

  5. 5
    Contact and Set a Meeting with the Franchisor

    Assuming that you have come up with a list of pet care businesses that are open for franchise, the next step is to establish contact. Most online sources will provide a means for you to be in touch with the franchisor either through email or a phone number. Other websites will require you to provide your email or contact details and the franchisor will contact you depending on their turnaround time. Once contact is established, make sure to secure an appointment for an initial meeting and prepare to ask the following: 

    • Your criteria in choosing a franchisee?
    • Initial investment capital
    • Profit
    • The extent of the support you offer to your franchisees
    • Amount of liquid capital required to cover the franchise before it breaks even
    • The franchise company’s stability in terms of its finances
    • Ongoing financial responsibilities in running the franchise
    • Marketing fees and royalty
    • The background of your executives
    • How the franchise started
    • How many franchisees the business has and its success rate
    • Advantages over competitor
    • How disputes are resolved
    • Expectations from franchisees
    • Franchisee’s scope and territory
    • Franchisee’s roles and responsibility
  6. 6
    Carry Out Your Due Diligence

    Due diligence is a responsibility that both franchisor and franchisee have to carry out. As a franchisee, involving the assistance of a business consultant, an accountant, or a lawyer is necessary. Unless you have adequate knowledge and background concerning the legal aspects and the accounting side of the business, it would be wise to employ the help of a professional to look into the following documents:

    • Financial Statements (Balance sheet, Income Statement, Statement of cash flows)
    • Income Statements or P&L Statements (Revenues, Expenses, Profits)
    • Cash deposit and payment records
    • Utility Accounts
    • Bank loans and Lines of Credit
    • Minutes of Directors’ Meeting
    • Audit Paper files
    • Intellectual assets of the business (trademarks and patents)
    • Seller’s claims about the business (Reasons for selling the business and its reputation)
    • Privacy details (Includes information about customers, trading partners, employees)
    • Details about equipment, fixtures, vehicles, plant (Is it licensed? In a good working condition?)
    • Existing Contracts with clients and employees
    • Agreements (Partnership and Lease)
    • Details of the automated financial systems of the business
    • Credit and historical details of searches about the business
  7. 7
    Sign the Franchise Agreement

    Contract Sections

    To formally enter into a legally binding agreement after taking all the necessary steps to operate your franchise, you may now affix your signature on the franchise agreement. See to it that you have checked the following section of the contract:

    • Intellectual Property
    • Training
    • Royalty
    • Term & Renewal
    • Advertising & Marketing

    Attend Trainings

    In addition, make sure to attend the franchiser’s training and review everything that is included in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Agreement) 

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    Here are the seven (7) simple steps on “How to Choose a Pet Care Franchise in Las Vegas”:

    • Know What You Want
    • Know What Your Customers Want
    • Define Your Standards
    • Research Pet Care Businesses for Franchise
    • Contact and Set a Meeting with the Franchisor
    • Carry Out Your Due Diligence
    • Sign the Franchise Agreement

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