How to Start an Etsy Shop in Las Vegas

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How To Start

You’ve probably been on Etsy and wondered, “How to start an Etsy Shop?”  In this article, we’ll talk about just that.

Starting an Etsy Shop in Las Vegas provides an opportunity for people who are skilled and passionate about their handcrafted items to make a living with several payment options for hobbyists and professional artists alike to receive payments using a credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, money order, cheque, and Etsy gift cards.


Here are a good number of reasons for selling on Etsy:

  • Targeted Customer Base. Etsy has a built-in SEO functionality that helps to generate traffic to your store.
  • Create Custom Orders. Customized versions of the products are made available to customers with a turnaround time of 6-8 weeks.
  • Setup Collective Stores. Etsy provides an option for artists to add their products together and make a bigger store and assign a  shopkeeper to collect payments.
  • Facilitates Wholesale Business. Etsy offers sellers to have access to wholesale clients for a one-time payment of a $100 fee and 3.5% of their sales.
  • Crowdfunding Option. Sellers are given a convenient means of asking clients to be involved in creating and funding a new product design. Sellers also have an option to be a part of a community to form teams, organize forums to share ideas, offer coupons and get together meetings in helping people with creative talent and ideas to venture as an entrepreneur.


In addition to these reasons, Etsy is a good option to start your e-commerce business for the fact that it is easy to set up, has an established name and reputation, has low start-up cost and even offers training courses. Aside from handmade crafts, you can also sell digital items for people to download instantly.

Here are the Steps in Starting an Etsy Shop in Las Vegas
  1. 1
    Sign Up for an Etsy Seller Account


    In a like manner, starting an Etsy shop begins with your account registration on their website by clicking on the link, “Open your Etsy shop”. A Registration window will pop-up that would give you an option to continue by signing up using your e-mail address. It also offers an option for you to register using your Google or FaceBook account.


    While you progress in completing the sign-up process, make sure to do the following:

    • Set Shop Preferences. Set settings for the default language, home country, and currency.
    • Choose a Shop Name. Think about a shop name that describes your products and values. Be as creative as you can but see to it that you are adhering to Etsy’s guidelines.
    • Create a Banner. Banner ads help in increasing traffic to your site and generate sales. Make sure your banner resolution is 72 dots per inch and should be 760 pixels wide by 100 pixels high.

    NOTE: Once you have completed your registration and opened your shop, make sure to complete the following sections of your shop:

  2. 2
    Add Items to Your Etsy Shop

    Add Listings

    The next step is to sign in to your account and add a list of items you want to sell by taking the following steps:

    Listing Details

    Make sure to do the following:

    • Add Photos that should have at least 1500 pixels wide (height may vary) using 5 images at the minimum for the shoppers to have a better feel of the item on your listing.
    • Adjust your thumbnail. Your thumbnail is the visible image that is seen on the search results and it is also the same photo that people will see in your shop home.
    • Complete Listing Details. These are important information pertaining to your product that you need to fill out which includes the Title, about this listing, category, attributes, renewal options, type, description, production partner, sections, tags, and materials.
  3. 3
    Set up Payment Preferences

    Running an Etsy shop requires your banking information for its payment processing system and allow you to receive payments using a money order, cheque, Etsy gift cards, and Paypal to mention a few. The same information regarding your bank account is also utilized for you to receive periodic deposits of the about the money you have earned on your Etsy shop.

    Click on the link to find more information on How to Get Paid with Etsy Payments and Manage Deposit Schedule.

  4. 4
    Open and Advertise Your Shop

    Shoppers will be able to find the items on your listings when they search it on Etsy and you will be able to view your shop using this format for your website’s URL: name of your shop). Aside from the keywords that you have used in listing your items, you can use the following method to market your shop outside of Etsy:

    • Maximize the use of Social Media by connecting it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes.
    • Pitch your shop using different media outlets, including social media influencers, journalists, and local publications.
    • Be part of an Etsy team. Check out the Etsy Success team and the Seller Handbook article to find the team that is right for you.

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