Obtaining a Nevada Workers Compensation Insurance

The workers’ compensation insurance is a requirement for companies and business owners in Nevada. This is to ensure that you provide a range of benefits to injured employees and those who are ill, as a result of doing their job.

What You Need To Know

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  • The Division of Industrial Relations Workers’ Compensation Section (DIR/WCS) ensures that employees receive benefits, regardless of the cause of illness or disability. They also ensure that employers are protected against lawsuits from employees who are seeking for compensation regarding their condition.
  • Workers Comp is governed by “State Laws.
  • The DIR/WCS oversees the implementation and compliance of businesses with the law. Failure on the part of the employer to adhere to these laws are liable to:
    • premium penalties
    • pay an administrative fine of up to $15,000
    • injury-related costs
    • and may be ordered to stop its operations until the business has obtained insurance
  • The uninsured employer may be subjected to criminal penalty claims that led to bodily harm or death in reference to (NRS 616D.200 & NAC 616D.345)
  • It is important to obtain a Nevada Workers’ Compensation Insurance (unless you are in Texas) if you intend to run a business that requires hiring an employee

How to Obtain a Nevada Workers Compensation?

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You can obtain one from the following:

  • Private Carrier licensed in Nevada
  • Certification from the Division of Insurance (DOI) as Self-Insured Employer
  • Membership from an Association of Self-Insured Public or Private Employers

Which Employers are required to Provide Workers Compensation Insurance?


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  • Employers having one or more employees (Unless excluded by statute, it’s mandatory)
  • Big companies employing a large number of workers

Employers’ Responsibilities under Workers Compensation Insurance?

Insurance card, doctor, injection, pills and hospital.

  • Post Notices (Include pertinent details such as the right to receive medical treatment, Benefits, Name of the Workers’ Comp Carrier and specify if the company is self-insured as well as the company’s point person for processing claims)
  • Advise Employees of their Legal Rights including new hires
  • Provide Claim Forms to injured Employers

NOTE: Exclusions to some employers are excluded due to unique circumstances as specified by NRS 616A.110

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