Follow these 7 steps to create an Instagram account for your Las Vegas business
  1. 1
    Go to or download the Instagram app

    Instagram’s mobile app is more user friendly compared to its desktop version. Thus, majority of Instagram users (your target audience) also prefer using the app. We suggest you create and manage your account using mobile as the desktop version has limited features as well.

    You can download the Instagram app from Apple iOS, Google Play, and Windows app stores.


  2. 2
    Sign up using a professional email address

    A personal Instagram profile is a pre-requisite to creating a business page.

    Use the email address of your social media manager or assign a company email like specifically for your business’ social media accounts.

  3. 3
    Create a username and password

    Once you’ve created a profile, Instagram will ask you to select a username and password for your account.

    Keep in mind that this is a business page. Select a username (or handle) that can easily be recognized, remembered, and found by your audience. A best practice is to use your company name as your Instagram username.

    It is also beneficial to use the same username across all of your social media platforms. This way, customers can easily find you anywhere online. If your business name is already taken, choose a username that is as close as possible.

    Lastly, choose a secure yet easy to remember password for your Instagram business page.

  4. 4
    Add a professional profile picture that is easily recognizable

    It is best practice to use your business logo as the profile picture in all of your social media accounts. This helps increase brand awareness and reassures customers that they are in the right page.

  5. 5
    Switch to Business Account

    You have now created a personal Instagram account. To switch to a business account follow these easy steps:

    1. Tap the three lines in the upper right hand corner of the page

    2. Go to “Settings” located at the bottom of the page


    3. Click “Account”

    4. Select “Switch to Professional Account”

    5. Choose the “Business” option

    6. Select your Business Category

    7. Input your business’ contact information. Make sure that the details you place here are updated so those interested can reach you immediately.

  6. 6
    Complete all requested information

    Be sure to fill out your bio and contact information before you start posting content. This will give page visitors an idea of the products/services you offer, how to contact you, and where you are located. You can do this by clicking “Edit Profile” on your profile page.

  7. 7
    Start posting content and growing your business page

    Congratulations! Your Instagram business page is now complete. It’s time to grow your page and start providing your audience with exciting content. Use relevant hashtags and follow business accounts in your industry.


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