How to Sign-up for Google Fi
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    Go to Google Fi

    Type on your search or URL bar to go to Google Fi website. But here’s a great deal for you — to get a $20 free credit use this URL to go to Google Fi to start.


    You will receive your $20 credit after 20 days.

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    Sign up for Google Fi

    If you already have a Google Account, sign in using it.

    If you have none, click “Join Fi”. After signing in, click the “Join Fi” button on the upper-rightmost corner of the screen.

    Google Fi - Join Fi

  3. 3
    Choose your plan type

    Choose a plan type depending on the data, texts, and calls usually needed by your Las Vegas business. You would not want to underestimate your needs as it may affect your business operations. Overestimating the allocations would also lead to unwanted expenses.

    You may choose $70 per month plan (Unlimited for 1 Plan) which has the following inclusions:

    • Unlimited data. Slower after 22 GB per person. Video may stream at DVD-quality (480p)
    • Free data and texts while traveling
    • Free calls to 50+ destinations
    • Google One membership with 100GB of storage

    Or you may want to save and choose to pay $20 per month or the Flexible for 1 Plan

    • Pay only for the data you use. It is $10/GB, and you are billed at the end of the moth.
    • Same data and text rates while traveling
    • Affordable calls to other countries
    • Data is free after 6GB

    How to Sign-up for Google Fi

    You will notice that Google Fi is slowing the data down after 22GB use per person. This is to prevent you from spending over your budget. Google will not charge you when you go over 6GB data usage but will slow down your data after using a 22GB amount of data.

  4. 4
    Choose your phone model

    You can choose to use your existing phone with Google Fi provided that it is compatible with Fi. To know whether you may or may not use your phone with Google Fi, click “Select” and find your phone on the list of compatible ones.

    How to Sign-up for Google Fi

    How to Sign-up for Google Fi

    You will be asked about your phone model or manufacturer, and from where you have purchased it.

    How to Sign-up for Google Fi

    You also have the option of buying a new one from Google like Google Pixel and trade in your old phone for you to have a trade-in discount.

    How to Sign-up for Google Fi

  5. 5
    Click “Continue”

    After choosing the plan type, click “Continue” to see what’s on your cart.

  6. 6
    Your cart will display the following information:

    • the cost breakdown of your monthly dues
    • usable data
    • calls and texts available
    • and the number of persons allowed to enjoy the plan

    Google Fi - Add a 2nd Person

    You can always add another person if you want to, just click the “2nd person” button. After reviewing your chosen plan and reviewing the inclusions attached, click “Continue.”

  7. 7
    Verify your account

    Put your address to verify your account.


    Then key in your Google Voice number. If you don’t have one, go to to sign in and get your GV number. If you already have one, put in on the GV Number bar in Google Fi. After that, click “Continue.”

    Google Fi - Verifying Your Account

  8. 8
    Billing and payment

    To pay for your chosen plan, first, indicate your card number. Next, put your name or the cardholder name. And lastly, type in your billing address. After doing these, click “Continue.” Google Fi’s terms of service and conditions will immediately pop-up, read thoroughly, and click “Accept.”

    Google Fi - Billing Method


  9. 9
    Tick the Fi Newsletter box

    If you want to receive Google Fi special offers and promotions, tick the Fi Newsletter box.

  10. 10
    Add your Delivery Address and Contact number in GPay

    To receive your order from Google Fi, specify a shipping/delivery address and phone number.

  11. 11
    Click Save Changes

    Review your billing and payment information thoroughly.

  12. 12
    Click “Confirm purchase”

    And there you go; you just have placed your purchase. Just wait for your parcel to be delivered straight to your specified shipping address.

  13. 13
    Switching to Google Fi

    Google Fi has more competitive plan rates. Since your bill is capped at $60 with the Flexible Plan, you will be secured to not go over your budget. If you are a light data user, then this plan is recommended for you. It also has faster data coverage, most notably in rural areas. Money for unused data will be reimbursed to the user’s account. This is an advantage for Las Vegas business owners like you.

    You can add people to your plan. Group plans may cost an additional $15 per person added per month. For every GB of data you use, you spend $10 a month. But you may experience a data slow down when you go over the ceiling data of 15Gb to prevent you from spending too much.

    The data plan rates might be affordable, but there is a chance that your bill might spike up because of getting a Fi compatible phone along with the plan. And here’s the good news; you can make use of their Trade-in program. 

    The data plan rates might be affordable, but there is a chance that your bill might spike up because of getting a Fi compatible phone along with the plan. And here’s the good news; you can make use of their Trade-in program.

    Google Fi sim cards are already available in almost 500 best buy stores for $10, but when you sign-up online, Google will ship the card for free.

    This is the list of Google Fi designed and compatible phones:

    List of Google Fi Compatible tablets:

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